Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln is a major tuna fishing area, situated on the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula. It is backed by the remarkable Lincoln National Park, which offers fantastic coastal landscape and some good surfing beaches. Just south of Port Lincoln, Cape Carnot has magnificent scenery, and nearby Sleaford's Bay offers some fantastic beaches.

For those of you who like furry and fluffy creatures buy a permit and visit the Mikkira Koala Sanctuary. Those of you who aren't afraid of a few sharp teeth hop aboard one of the cruises out to Dangerous Reef, which is a very popular breeding ground for Great White Sharks. You can also go cage diving if you are brave enough along with other activities.

Around the town there are several historic buildings that you can visit, including Mill Cottage, the Old Mill and Port Lincoln Hotel. Being a major tuna town there is also a tuna festival called Tunarama held in January every year.

There are plenty of accommodation places around the city including hostels and apartments, as well as a number of restaurants and other eating areas.

Port Lincoln Accommodation

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