The Big Lollipop at RavensthorpeRavensthorpe is located approximately 550 kilometres southeast of Perth. The area is renowned for the natural beauty of its ancient ranges, rocky hills, rugged river valleys, estuaries, and large inlets. The bushland, including national parks, reserves and vacant crown land, is rich in geology, native flora and fauna.

Many rare species of plants and animals exist in the area. There are also excellent, easily accessible lookout points for views of the landscape. Ravensthorpe is encircled by the ancient Ravensthorpe Range, which features stately salmon gum trees and pristine bushland.

Wildflowers are in bloom all year round, however they are most spectacular from August to November. The annual wildflower show is held during the first two weeks of September, when over 800 labelled local species are on display.

The area has a mining history of gold, copper, silver, nickel and other minerals and old mining relics can still be viewed at the Dance Cottage Museum. Other attractions include the Ravensthorpe Range, fishing at nearby Hopetoun beaches, fossicking for gems and minerals, and a large range of historic scenic drives. The rabbit proof fence may also be viewed.

Ravensthorpe offers a choice of a la carte dining, home made meals and takeaway food. There are many places to spend the night. Choose from hotel and motel rooms, backpacker accommodation, a caravan park, campgrounds and farm stay accommodation.

Ravensthorpe Accommodation

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