Pizza Capers - Rockhampton



At Pizza Capers, food is our passion. Nowhere in the industry will you find a menu so thoughtfully developed, with ingredients more rigorously monitored and taste-tested. As a result of our huge passion for all things ‘pizza’, we’ve crafted a menu that simply cannot be matched by our competitors in terms of quality, taste and variety.

With a large, diverse, and creative menu filled with gourmet pizzas, pastas, risottos, calzones, salads, breads, dips and gelato, our hard-earned reputation is built on passion, quality and exotic flavours. We refuse to take shortcuts. All the ingredients on the Pizza Capers menu are individually sourced to ensure they are the absolute highest quality, regardless of geographical barriers. Our lamb and Black Angus beef hail from Tasmania, our mozzarella comes to us from New Zealand, and our blue-vein cheese is sourced directly from Scandinavia. Some might call this extravagant - we call it absolutely necessary to ensure our guests enjoy the most delicious possible meal, every single time they visit.

Unlike most pizza stores, the premium restaurant quality of Pizza Capers’ food elevates us from a mere fast food pit-stop, to the category of gourmet cuisine.


Pizza Capers - Rockhampton is located in Berserker, Queensland.

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