Ruby's Restaurant, Lounge & Club



Rubys lounge is a band venue, bar, club, cafe, retreat, library, lost shoe repository, community drop-in clinic, and epicentre for the night life of the Hills.We are licenced to 3am every night, with a limit on 'Live Music' to 1am on the weeknights. This can be extended, but the we need 5 weeks notice to do so. Please discuss requirements.Where the downstairs dressing room is used, riders are provided as agreed.on the night For performers that want to be part of the whole night, drink cards are provided for basic beer & spirits, wine and soft drink.We have an exceptional security crew and a very relaxed, soft atmosphere. Artists are not hassled, and patrons are surprisingly well behaved and respectful. This can vary depending on the artists fans, and needs to be discussed if it is foreseen as an issue.

There is a designated smoking area out the front of the venue.


Ruby's Restaurant, Lounge & Club is located in Belgrave, Victoria.

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