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St George is the capital of the Balonne Shire, the business centre for a large primary producing district. Major rural products include cotton, grain, sheep, beef cattle, table grapes and other horticultural crops. Beardmore Dam on the Balonne River provides excellent freshwater fishing for Yellowbelly and Murray Cod labelling St George as the Fishing Capital of Queensland.

Often referred to as 'An Oasis' or 'the inland fishing capital of Queensland', St George is situated on the picturesque banks of the mighty Balonne River. The town was named by Sir Thomas Mitchell who discovered the river crossing on St George's Day (April 23), 1846. Mitchell's monument is located in the landscaped gardens adjacent to the Jack Taylor Weir.

The Balonne River, Beardmore Dam and Jack Taylor Weir present an inland aquatic playground for locals and visitors alike. There are a number of fishing spots where you can drop in a line and yield a catch of Murray Cod and Yellowbelly. The waterways also make great places to take a lazy afternoon walks, be sure to wander along the river parkland and spot a koala.

If you visit St George in spring you will be treated to the wonderful colours of the Jacaranda and Bauhinia Trees in full bloom. The Rosehill Aviary near St George supports the most complete population of Parrots in Australia and is a great stop any time of year. Wine lovers can enjoy a drop of local Riversands wine or for the beer drinkers, visiting one of the historic pubs may be just the thing. Be sure to see the illuminated hand-carved emu eggs at the Unique Egg and visit the Heritage Centre.

Temperatures for St George

St George has hot summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for St George is approximately 34 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 18 °c.

St George has warm winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for St George is approximately 21 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 5 °c.


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