Stanley is situated at the entrance to the Circular Head, which is also known by many as The Nut. The small fishing village has quite a history, and still maintains an old fashioned feel to it. Permission was given to Van Diemen's Land Company in 1826 to cultivate the land around Stanley, and you can visit their store on the seafront, and the headquarters at nearby Highfield.

Stanley's main industries started out shipping beef, mutton and potatoes, although a large dairy industry also grew nearby. The pace has slowed a little since, and so makes Stanley very welcoming.

There are many historical buildings of interest around the town including Lyons Cottage and Presbyterian Church, as well as other plces you should visit. The Discovery Centre is an interesting folk museum, where you can learn a lot about the area. You should also visit The Nut is a huge volcanic rock which formed about 12.5 million years ago. You can climb to the top, which is a high 152 metres. From here there are plenty of lookouts across the amazing views.

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