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Follow the tracks of Cobb and Co. Fish mighty rivers like the Bulloo, Wilson and Paroo and Cooper's Creek. For some visitors, the highlight is watching the fabulous birdlife on the lakes in Currawinya and Lake Bindegolly National Parks; while others prefer the historic pubs at Hungerford, Toompine and Noccundra.

Fossick for opals (or buy them direct from the miner), go adventure four wheel driving, stay on a cattle station, visit the famous Burke and Wills 'Dig' tree and Cameron's Corner - where New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia meet - so much to see and do! The ancient land forms are special - the mulga country, gibber and flood plains and red sandy desert - resplendent with wildflowers following suitable rains.

The first European visitors to this area included people like Vincent Dowling who in 1859 rode his horse from northern New South Wales to the Bulloo River - twelve months before the famous Burke and Wills expedition left Melbourne. Dowling returned in 1864 with cattle to establish Thargomindah Station. More pastoralists with cattle and sheep quickly followed. Burke and Wills ill-fated expedition passed through what is now Bulloo Downs Station in 1860 (just south of Thargomindah) where three members of the expedition - Doctor Becker the German naturalist and noted artist, Stone and Purcell - perished.

The origin of the name 'Thargomindah' is unknown though local legend suggests it derives from an Aboriginal word meaning 'Cloud of Dust' or perhaps the Echidna. Australia's first hydroelectric scheme powered by a high-pressure artesian bore supplied electricity for street lighting and according to the Sydney Bulletin, Thargomindah was one of the three major centres for electricity in the world surpassed only by London and Paris. The hydroelectric scheme continued to meet Thargomindah's electrical requirements until 1951.

Temperatures for Thargomindah

Thargomindah has hot summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Thargomindah is approximately 36 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 23 °c.

Thargomindah has warm winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Thargomindah is approximately 20 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 7 °c.


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