Travelling Kids

Travelling with kids doesn't have to be a taxing experience as long as you utilise the appropriate safety precautions. Make your next holiday a breeze by taking into consideration the following suggestions:

* Always have a first aid kit handy for both minor scratches etc and more serious injuries

* Be careful when selecting a sunscreen for your little ones, most common sunblocks are not appropriate for children under 2 years old

* Be sure to take a beanie, mittens and a hat for your baby/child

* Carry plenty of snacks with you in case you're a while away from stopping for a meal and the little ones are hungry

* Depending on the destination, the kids are likely to get dirty. You will spend your whole holiday washing clothes if you worry about keeping them clean all the time, instead select a few outfits that they can run a muck in and worry about them at the end of the trip

* If your child suffers from car sickness arrange for some anti-nausea medication, consult with a medical professional before administering anything. Encourage your child to look out the window as looking at something stationary like a book can make the nauseousness worse

* If you're going to be using disposable nappies be sure to take a nappy sack (perfumed plastic bags) in case you are in between destinations and there's no access to a bin

* Keep in mind, if you are travelling to more remote areas, bread may not be available so pack alternatives like cruskits or crispbread

* Take a variety of clothing as you will likely face a range of temperatures, keeping in mind that babies can't regulate their body temperature as easily as adults

* Take a variety of toys and games to keep your kids entertained in all types of weather

* There are a variety of sleeping bag sizes available, so find one the fits your baby/child to keep them nice and warm on your holiday

* Try using a thermos to keep water hot to mix your baby a bottle

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