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Trayning is a small agricultural town located two and a half hours' drive or 250kms north-east of Perth. Situated just 70kms from Merridin, Trayning has good roads and all of it's attractions are well sign posted for your convenience.

The name originated from the Trayning Well, derived from the Aboriginal word 'Durri-ring' or "Durranning" which came to be known as meaning 'snake crawling in the grass by the campfire'. Historically the area was commonly searched for gold. Nowadays the Shire produces predominantly wheat and sheep.

Trayning showcases some amazing wildflower crops, natural granite outcrops, woodlands and is home to an array of wildlife including native birds, reptiles and insects. Trayning features a large aquatic centre with a 25m swimming pool, 4 grass tennis courts (with lighting), a 18 hole golf course at Yelbeni, lawn bowls, a pony club, a riding club. basketball courts and gymnasium.

When in the area be sure to check out the popular local events including the New Years Eve street party, Yelbeni Golf Club's Gale Cup (held in August), the 'Thank a Volunteer Fun Day' and the Kununoppin Hospital Golf Day (also at Yelbeni).

Also in the area is Billyacatting Hill. Located 27km east of Trayning, the area was first recorded in 1880 by HS King. This amazing reserve is spread over 2500 hectares and is a paradise for nature lovers.

24kms north-east of Trayning is the striking Yarragin Rock, rising from the granite outcrop this rock is visible from a distance and is comprised of twin monoliths. Another rock in the area is located 20kms south-east of Trayning and is called the Tangplang Rock. This is a fantastic destination for camping, picnics and to view native wildlife.

The Gnamma holes are located 18kms north of Trayning. These rock pools are home to numerous species of birds and wildlife. You will also see an array of wildflowers and other flowers around the pools.

Another striking sight in the Trayning region is the Whiteman's Rock. Made of white quartz, this finger-like projection is situated at Moujakine and was unearthed in the search for gold years ago. This is a popular tourist attraction and is located just a couple of kilometres from Trayning.

The National Trust Mangowine Homestead is another attraction in the area.

For meals and refreshments visit the hotel/motel in Trayning. There is accommodation available at a caravan park and a hotel.

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