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Situated 65km north-west of Parkes on "The Bogan Way", Trundle is a rural community with production consisting mostly of wheat, sheep and cattle farming. If you're looking to capture a classic photo of a country town, look no further than Trundle.

The name was originally Trundell Lagoon; the lagoon was located in a wooded hollow, hence the 'dell' in the word Trundell. The spelling was later changed to Trundle Lagoon and in 1892; the Postal Inspector recommended that as Trundle Lagoon was generally known as Trundle, the word Lagoon should be removed.

Picture yourself here standing on New South Wales' widest main street, next to the longest wooden verandah in Australia! This famous verandah belongs to the Heritage Listed Trundle Hotel, which opened in 1888. It is a Pisa construction and rendered with cement. Today the hotel offers a great spot for a drink, counter meal or accommodation. There are no problems with making an angle park in Trundle. Forbes Street is NSW's widest main street, the main street was regulation stock route width which is 3 chain wide. One chain is equal to 66 feet making Forbes Street 198 feet wide.

September is a great month to visit Trundle, timing your visit with a great day of fun at the Trundle Bush Tucker Day. Every year the event dishes up a great day of fun for participants and spectators, featuring bush cooking competitions, billy boiling sprint, damper throw, live bands and a whole program of bush entertainment. August is also a busy time, when the 600-odd Trundle residents and the surrounding community get together to host the Annual Show.

The nearby Black Range is a great spot to go bush walking or bird watching. Bring your clubs for a round at the Trundle Golf Club - there's a 18 hole golf course with sand greens. The public swimming pool is open in the summer months, offering a 50 metre lap pool and baby pool.

Berryman Oval is home to Trundle's sport playing fields and features a BBQ area with play equipment. Main street shopping and facilities in Trundle include two supermarkets, a newsagency which caters for people wishing to buy gifts, a dress shop, a post office a library and two service stations in one in Parkes Street, which runs beside the Trundle Hotel; the second service station is on the main road.

Temperatures for Trundle

Trundle has hot summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Trundle is approximately 32 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 17 °c.

Trundle has mild winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Trundle is approximately 16 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 3 °c.

Between October and the end of February the temperature can reach as high as 38°c or 40°c. Winter months can also be extreme although it is a rare occurrence to have snow in the area.


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