Upgrade Policy

Australian Explorer's upgrade policy is second to none. We understand that businesses need to budget carefully when it comes to marketing but also how your business’s requirements may change over time. For this reason we have introduced our flexible upgrade policy for all customers.

Once you’ve signed up to a package, if you find your business’s marketing requirements have changed, simply contact Australian Explorer and we’ll guarantee to upgrade your business’s package to the next promotional option for just the difference in price.

For Example

If your business purchases a banner listing for $250 per annum and 3 months later you decide to upgrade to a basic full page listing for $350 per annum as it enables you to add more comprehensive information along with other benefits. Rather than charging you the full $350, we simply calculate the 'unspent' credit for the remaining nine months advertising and deduct this from the cost of the new package.

Therefore the actual cost to upgrade in this example would be:

$350 (cost of new package)
- $187.50 (credit from remainder of previous package)
= $162.50 (upgrade fee)


1. Any upgrade must occur before your current package term expires.
2. Packages can be upgraded only, for example you could not purchase a Full Page Listing then downgrade to a Banner Listing
3. Unspent credit from remaining package is calculated on full months remaining only


For further information and answers to the most frequently asked questions (faq's) please consult our why advertise / faq page. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please use our Contact Us page to ask us any questions you may have.

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