Wave Rock

Wave Rock is one of the many amazing rock formations found in Western Australia. It is situated near the small town of Hyden, about 350km east of Perth in the state of Western Australia.

Wave Rock is a staggering 15 metres high, and stands in the form of a wave just about to break.

There are other rock formations within the Wave Rock Reserve including Breakers, Hippo's Yawn, and the Humps.

Wave Rock.There is also some fantastic Aboriginal rock paintings within the Mulka's Cave, and an interesting museum inside the caravan parks small kiosk.

If you don't have your own transport you can get out to Wave Rock on the Westrail Bus, which travels to the rock on Tuesday and returns to Perth on Thursday.

Wave Rock also hosts the nearby Wave Rock Weekender event, a music festival held once a year around September.

Wave Rock Accommodation

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