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Wyndham is situated off of the north coast of Western Australia on the Cambridge Gulf. Although Wyndham is off of the main route, it is a pleasant town with a nearby port. From the top of Mt Bastion at the Five Rivers Lookout, you can see where the five rivers (Durack River, Forrest River, King River, Ord River and Pentecost River) join the Cambridge Gulf. The view is fantastic and well worth the drive to Wyndham.

If you look out at the water at Wyndham, you may even see some of the common Saltwater Crocodiles at the waters edge. If you would prefer to see the crocodiles at a fair distance then visit the Wyndham Crocodile Farm, or for those of you who may prefer smaller animals such as birds visit the Marlgu Billabong.

There is a small selection of accommodation at Wyndham, which is a beautiful place to stay along your journey.

Wyndham Accommodation

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