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4 Lap Stunt Driving Experience -

Looking for a little thrill in your life? Well the search ends here with 4 laps in a high powered drift car, accompanied by a professional stunt driver. Feel the rush of adrenalin, clinging to the edge of your seat as your driver takes you through corners at high speed. Your qualified stunt driver will even pull off a few manoeuvres to really get your heart racing!

Available in : QLD

Adult $90

Full Day Drifting Course In Your Own Car -

Grasp the fundamentals of drifting, all from within your own car on this inclusive full day course. Master the subtle techniques involved in this popular pastime, with instruction from Drifting Australia, V8 Supercar and Stunt Drivers! With tyres and lunch included this is sure to be a day to remember.

Available in : QLD

Adult $350

Full Day Pure Adrenalin Drifting Experience -

Satisfy the adrenalin junkie within, on this full day drifting course. With cars, fuel, tyres and lunch provided you will be taught within the car and not in a classroom. Get the insider's edge from professional drivers as you put knowledge into practice.

Available in : QLD

Adult $599

3 Lap Qualifier Ride in a V8 Race Car -

The helmet’s on, you’ll feel the belts pull tight, then the V8 Supercar engine fires into life! When your own professional V8 Supercar driver plants his right foot, feel the G-forces! This is only the beginning of your 3 lap ride of a lifetime!

Available in : QLD

Adult $149

Stunt Driving Wild Passenger Ride -

This is not for the faint hearted. Prepare to be strapped in to the passenger seat and taken for a wild stunt drive. You will be spinning and sliding in every direction having the ride of a lifetime.

Available in : QLD

Adult $110

Intro Self Drive Spins and Slides package -

Push yourself to the limit with this 90 minute Introduction to Stunt Driving package which is heaps of fun, builds wet weather driving confidence and teaches you a variety of thrilling stunt driving techniques.

Available in : QLD

Adult $249

Premium Self Drive Spins and Slides -

Indulge your inner stunt driver with this 3 hour Premium Spins & Slides stunt driving package. Be behind the wheel as we teach you to slide in every direction, do reverse 180°s, land 90° stunt parks and more.

Available in : QLD

Adult $440

Professional Driver Training in Your Own Car -

Fancy yourself a great driver? Perhaps looking to give yourself that real edge on the road? The experience gained from this extensive training session with professionally qualified instructors, will prove invaluable by the end of the day. Return back to the road confident in your driving ability to prevent harm to yourself and others.

Available in : QLD

Adult $455

Wild Ride Stunt Driving Experience -

An unforgettable ride of a lifetime. Climb aboard for the ride of your life as you ride with a professional precision driver as they perform all the most exciting tricks of the trade. Hold on tight!! Your stunt driving ride of a lifetime includes 180 degree parallel handbrake turn parking, reverse hand brake turn parking, multiple 360 degree spins on our unique Split Surface System.

Available in : VIC

Adult $80

Driver Performance and Track Driving Adventure -

Let your performance car off the leash! Have you ever wanted to drive your own car at unrestricted speeds on Australia's best race circuits? Now it's your chance to go flat out, and there are no speed limits.

Available in : VIC

Adult $300

Lotus Skid Pan Training -

Master the art of skid control and at the same time experience the go-kart like handling of the Lotus Exige. Automatic sedan also included.

Available in : QLD

Adult $245

Stunt Driving Experience -

Our Stunt Driving Experience is the real deal with 180 degree handbrake turns, parallel parking, multiple 360 degree spins, ramp to ramp jumps and driving on two wheels. Your Stunt Driving Experience begins with a sign in and presentation of the course activities and safety briefing. Then it's out to the stunt driving range where YOU DRIVE our specially modified Mini Cooper stunt training cars.

Available in : NSW | SA | VIC

Adult $249

Stunt Driving In A Mini Cooper -

This is it. The real deal Stunt Driving Experience – 180 degree handbrake turn parallel parking, multiple 360 degree spins, ramp to ramp jumps, and driving on two wheels. The worlds first Stunt Driver Experience, beware of imitations! Our Stunt Driving In A Mini Cooper includes the most exciting aspects of our world renowned precision driving course for professional stunt performers in a com

Available in : VIC

Adult $249

Intro Drive 4WD Package -

This is your chance to get behind the wheel of an extreme Monster 4x4 and put it through its paces on our purpose built outdoor track. Experience the adrenalin of driving our 4x4's in some of the most insane terrain you will ever see!

Available in : VIC

Adult $195

Stunt Driver / Driving Experience -

Ultimate Precision Driving Experience. You can get behind the wheel with Australia's most famous precision driving team and master your Driving Skills. Drifting, ramp jumps, 180 and 360 degree spins and even a ride on two wheels.

Available in : NSW

Adult $395

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