Fishing in Australia

Fishing BoatFishing is a popular activity in Australia, particularly amongst the male population. It is a time for fun, relaxation and a prime excuse for a boy's weekend away. Fishing is also a popular activity for family holidays and offers fun for the whole family irrespective of age.

There are many popular fishing styles in Australia including estuary fishing, fresh water fishing, reef fishing, fly fishing and more. Each fishing style's success is dependent on the conditions, environment and equipment used so pick the style based on your location, conditions and resources.

FishingEach style offers a unique fishing experience for everyone to enjoy. While fishing can be a great, fun activity for people both young and old it is important to consider the fishing restrictions and/or licencing requirements in the area. These restrictions are in place to preserve our marine life and ensure everyone gets to enjoy recreational fishing.


FishingAustralian Explorer has selected a number of exciting fishing experiences that will be ideal for those with a passion for fishing.

Fishing is a great way to relax and leave behind the hustle and bustle of the real world.

If you interested in going on your very own private expedition with your closest friends and family you are sure to find a unforgettable fishing adventure for any occasion.

Fishing Featured Experiences

Exclusive Reef Fishing Boat CharterExclusive Reef Fishing Boat Charter (EX750)
New South Wales : $131.25

Come and book out this fully Equipped Charter Vessel for half the day or a full day. You will be onboard a 52 foot Stebercraft vessel and use top quality fishing equipment and experience some wild reef fishing. You will be shown the best ways to snag yourself a big one. Guaranteed fun for everyone.

Wide Selection to Choose From

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