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Established in 2000, Australian Explorer is a company firmly committed to the development of the Australian tourism industry through the medium of technology. Australian Explorer's commitment to customer care and high quality has developed many very successful long-term relationships with businesses across the country.


Australian Explorer

Established: 2000
Purpose: Online Travel Guide for Australia

The relationship between Australian Explorer and the Australian Tourism Industry includes all aspects of online activities, including website design, maintenance, web hosting and online advertising together with the provision of travel information about Australia.

The Australian Explorer website (www.australianexplorer.com) receives tens of millions of page views every year, generating huge volumes of bookings for accommodation and other tourism based businesses across Australia. Australian Explorer is especially popular with Domestic and International Free Independent Travellers (FIT) who value the extensive information available on Australian Explorer.

The website contains tens of thousands of tourism pages which showcase an amazing diversity of information. There are useful tips for travellers, information about nature, events, activities, experiences, even online games and electronic postcards. This is in addition to comprehensive travel information and travel service listings including, car rentals, hotels, motels, hostels, apartments, tours and attractions covering a full range of services in each state and territory.

Australian Explorer aims to develop Australian tourism by facilitating easy access to information for visitors and potential visitors to Australia. A website built by travellers for travellers, that encourages travel and exploration within Australia.

Australian Explorer offers a range of cost effective promotional packages all with comprehensive administration areas where updates can be made and statistical data collected. This is the ultimate online promotional tool for the Australian tourism industry.Online promotion is extremely effective dollar for dollar, especially when compared to the cost of other forms of paid for advertising. Packages start from just $99 per year.

Information about other Online Services provided by Australian Explorer, including website design and hosting can be found on our Internet Services website: www.spit.com.au 'a dynamic website development and system design company specialising in web solutions for the tourism industry'.

Tourism Website Design

Special People In Technology

Established: 2005
Purpose: Specialist in tourism based Website Design

In addition toAustralian travel services, Australian Explorer also provides a wealth of travel information for the rest of the world viaa number of other travel websites. These travel websites are growing rapidly and offer geat information and booking facilities for major services such as accommodation and tours.

One of these websites, European Explorer, has been around for several years. Following a major upgrade during 2007 the quantity of information and range of services available on this website increased dramatically.

Europe European Explorer

Established: 2002
Purpose: Online Travel Guide for Europe

New Zealand Explorer was launched in January 2008 and provides a wealth of information about New Zealand together with booking facilities.

New Zealand

New Zealand Explorer

Established: 2008
Purpose: Online Travel Guide for New Zealand

Must Explore is the latest addition to the range of travel sites. Must Explore provides information and booking services for countries not covered in the other websites. Must Explore is growing daily with more and more information being added.

Must Explore

Must Explore

Established: 2008
Purpose: Online Travel Guide for The World

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