Australian Sport

Sports in Australia are very popular and so in Australia most sports are available. In many ways Australia seems to be the sports and outdoor activity capital of the world. The various climates available around Australia, throughout the year, enables a wide range of activities all year around.

Surfing is the obvious sport associated with Australia, and if brave enough (or owner of a wetsuit) you can enjoy this sport all year around. Swimming is very popular both in swimming pools, and of course at a large number of Australia's spectacular beaches.

Surfing in AustraliaIf you do go surfing or just want to enjoy the fabulous Australian beaches then you should make sure that you follow the safety rules. For information check out the Australian Explorer Surf Safety guide.

Fishing around Australia is excellent from the shore, boat, river or sea. It is an extremely popular passtime, with the added benefit that you can eat the rewards.

Other sports to enjoy as you travel around include walking, jogging, cycling and much more. The onset of winter is seen as a positive factor by many Australian's and oversea's visitors alike for one reason; snow. Australia offers great excitement on the snow, with skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding being popular winter sports.

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