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The Yorke Peninsula is the first peninsula west of Adelaide and hosts a number of pretty beaches. At the southern point of the peninsula is the beautiful Innes National Park which offers good diving, fishing and surfing as well as some great walking trails.

Unlike the western coast road, the eastern coast road runs only about 2km from the coastline. There are some pretty little coves and beaches along the road where you can turn off to explore. The two main towns along the east coast are Ardossan to the north and Yorketown to the south. Ardossan is a good tourist town with an interesting museum about the area, while Yorketown is the main business district in the area.

Travelling along the coast you will come across several beaches where you can stop, including Port Vincent which is a pretty coastal resort. Further south is Edithburgh from where you can see right across to Troubridge Island. There are tours which take you across to the island from here, which are quite interesting. Below the clifftops there is a rather pleasant cove with a tidal swimming pool where you can relax. To really experience the beautiful scenery you should go to Hillocks Drive which is a farm where you can stay or visit for the day.

If you take the western coast road you will be travelling mainly through small farming towns. The peninsulas Cornish history really shines through in some of the towns along the west coast. There is also a Cornish Festival held on odd numbered years called the Kernewek Lowender Festival. The main towns along the west coast are Kadina, Moonta and Wallaroo all old copper mining towns, which have still maintained their original quality.

Further south near the western side of the National Park are several great surfing spots as well as some good places to camp. The scenery around this area is also magnificent.

You can get to the peninsula using the Premier Stateliner service to Kadina, Moonta, Moonta Bay, Port Hughes and Wallaroo. If you want to head further to the south of the peninsula use the Yorke Peninsula Passenger Service which travels to Yorketown via both the centre of the peninsula and the eastern coast alternatively. Both service leave from Adelaide and take between 3-4 hours approximately.

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