Eyre Peninsula

The rather large Eyre Peninsula is bordered by the Spencer Gulf to the east and the Great Australian Bight to the west. The two entrance towns to the peninsula are Port Augusta to the east and Ceduna to the west, with the Lincoln Highway running along the east coast and the Flinders Highway running along the west coast.

At the point of the peninsula, where the two highways meet, is Port Lincoln situated on Boston Bay. The inland areas of the peninsula are major agricultural industries, while the pretty coastal bays and beaches offer good swimming and surfing.

Port Augusta WaterfrontHeading south along the Lincoln Highway towards Port Lincoln you will come across Whyalla, which is actually the second largest city in South Australia (after Adelaide of course). There is a large steel industry in the area, and you can even visit the NHP Steel Works to find out more about what goes on. The city also has a large port, with its history told within the Maritime Museum. There are also historic displays in the Mt. Laura Homestead.

Cowell is the next place that you will come across and home to the beautiful Jade stone. The coastline around Point Gibbon is beautiful, with the pretty landscape backed by large sand dunes. The beaches here are also great. Other pretty coastal resorts include Arno Bay as well as Tumby Bay, further south. On the way to Tumby Bay you can visit the vintage vehicle museum at Port Neill. From Tumby Bay you can also visit the beautiful Sir Joseph Banks Islands, home to Sea lions, pretty bays and wonderful reefs.

Heading north along the Flinders Highway towards Ceduna there are more pretty bays and beaches worth stopping at. Just west of Port Lincoln is Coffin Bay, where you can enter the gorgeous landscape in the Coffin Bay Peninsula National Park. Nearby is the Kellidie Bay Conservation Park, home to numerous species of birds.

If you are want to go surfing then head for Greenly Beach, where as all those fishing enthusiasts should head to the fishing town of Elliston or the great salmon fishing spot at Locks Well. Heading further north from Elliston you can visit Anxious Bay, Blackfellows and Salmon Point for some great photo opportunities. From Blackfellows you can see right across to Flinders Island, where you can stay and also see the sheep station. Further along the highway towards Ceduna you will see plenty of wildlife. The Venus Bay Conservation Park is home to plenty of birdlife including pelicans. You can also see the sea lions at Point Labatt from the towering cliffs above them.

Streaky Bay is another small town on the way to Ceduna. It was named Streaky Bay by Flinders because of the plentiful streaky seaweed along the bay. As well as offering surfing at Back Beach the peninsula also hosts Murphey's Haystacks, which are large granite outcrops. If you like oysters head for the oyster farms at Smoky Bay. To find a little about the history visit the National Trust Museum and the Powerhouse Museum.

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