Broome is an old pearling town, and although still runs a few pearling vessels doesn't have the business it once did. There are some fabulous sandy beaches around broome, which has a modern feel to it as well as its old heritage.

Any visitor to Broome can immediately recognise the legacy of place names and landmarks named after William Dampier the navigator, explorer, buccaneer and distinguished chronicler of the seven seas who is credited for discovering the region known today as the Kimberley in Western Australia. The interesting Broome Heritage Trail allows you to see and learn about Broome's history, which makes an interesting excursion.

Coffee ShopYou can also find out about the history at the Broome Historical Society Museum and Pearl Luggers, which tells about the pearling industry in particular. You should also visit the old part of Broome, which is Chinatown, based around Carnarvon Street and home to a number of restaurants and shops. Carnarvon Street is one of the places you are likely to be able to buy the Mother of Pearl, as well as along Dampier Terrace and Short Street.

Broome BeachThe main swimming beach in Broome is the famous Cable Beach, which is white sand and clear waters. The northern end of the beach offers 4WD access, and hosts a small nudist section. Sunset is marvelous here, although on a full moon head to Town Beach where you may be able to see Broome's 'Staircase to the Moon' (which is the refection of the moon on the mud flats).

It is a fabulous sight, and well worth seeing. At the end of Cable Beach is Gantheaume Point, where there are some fabulous looking cliffs. There are also some dinosaur footprints, set within the cliffs which you may be able to see. Also on Gantheaume Point is a lovely rock pool called Anastasia's Pool.

Another popular beach is Roebuck Bay, which is one of the main sites in Australia for migratory wading birds. Near Roebuck bay is the fabulous Broome Bird Observatory, which offers various observatory trails around the area. There are many species of bird you are likely to see on the trails and at the observatory, including 49 species of waders and 22 species of birds of prey.

Broome StatueBroome offers a whole host of different tours, both around the town itself and further afield within the Kimberley. Many tours enable you to explore broome and the surrounding area. Tour options include 4WD tours, action and adventure tours and much more.

Broome isn't short on accommodation with a wide selection ranging from camping grounds and hostels, to motels, hotels, lodges and holiday resorts. There are also plenty of cafes as well as restaurants around Broome, with a range of styles and types of food. Nightlife in Broome is also good, with a number of places to go. A rather unique night out is to the wonderful Sun Pictures, which is a 1916 open air cinema.

You can get to Broome on Qantas flights, as well as on the Greyhound bus service. Once you are in Broome the local bus service, travels around Broome between the town and Cable Beach.

Broome Accommodation

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