Kununurra is known by the local Miriwoong people as 'Goonoonoorrang', and is situated in the far north eastern corner of Western Australia just a short distance from the Northern Territory border.

Kununurra makes the ideal base for anyone wishing to get around the East Kimberley region. Although Kununurra is a fairly young town, it sits on an ancient landscape where early Aboriginal tribes roamed. In fact, the word Kununurra means 'big water' in the language of Aboriginal locals.

Kununurra is centred around the Ord River, with several lakes at lagoons surrounding the town itself. There is a fabulous lookout from the town at Kelly's Knob, giving views all around the area.

To the south of Kununurra, Lily Creek leads into the popular bird breeding ground of Lily Creek Lagoon, which continues into Lake Kununurra where there are plenty of different water activities on offer. Another popular water activity is fishing, which is best at either the Lower Dam or the Ivanhoe Crossing along the Ord River. You shouldn't swim in the river however, as there are crocodiles.

KununurraHeading south east from the town you will pass the Packsaddle Plains, and a number of farms. Some of the farms allow you to have a look around, and many offer fruit picking work between May - September. North east of town is the beautiful Mirima National Park, which is home to the Hidden Valley. There are some very enjoyable walking tracks around the park, which is well worth visiting.

Kununurra ViewThere are plenty of different activity and sight seeing tours you can join around Kununurra. There are various fishing charters which go out fishing for Barramundi and other fish within the lakes surrounding Kununurra, as well as a number of canoeing trips and boast trips which you can join along the Ord River. If you would like to find out more about the nature and habitat in the area, then there is also an eco-tourism tour which you can follow.

There is a wide choice of places to stay within Kununurra, including hostels and hotels. Many of the accommodation places are situated on or off of Coolibah or Konkerberry Drive. There are also some good places to eat, situated in the same area as most of the accommodation. You can get to Kununurra by plane, or on the Greyhound Pioneer travelling between Perth and Darwin.

Kununurra Accommodation

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