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The Tiwi Islands consist of Bathurst Island and Melville Island. Both islands are situated approximately 80km north of Darwin and are home to the Tiwi Aboriginal people.

In 1911 Nguiu, which is the main settlement on Bathurst Island was founded as a Catholic mission. There are tours over to Nguiu from Darwin which includes your flights, visit to several catholic missions and the unique burial grounds with carved wooden headstones, swimming, tea and lots more. Bathurst Island is also where the majority of the Tiwi live, heading back to Melville only once a year for a few weeks. The main settlements on Melville Island are Milikapiti and Pularumpi, and a visit to Melville is incorporated into many tours to the islands. A tour is probably the best way to see the islands and you don't have to worry about permits.

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