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If you are driving from South Australia along the Mallee Highway, once you enter Victoria you will be driving through the beautiful 'Sunset Country'. To the south you will see the Big Desert Wilderness Park and the Wyperfeld National Park, and to the north you will see the Murray-Sunset National Park.

From the Mallee Highway you can drive to the edge of the Murray-Sunset National Park, although to explore deeper within the park you must use a 4WD. If you do have one then it is worth it, as the park is full of magnificent pink lakes. It is advisable to contact the rangers before you go exploring, who can be found at the northern and southern edge of the park.

Mildura FountainIf you drive along the Stuart Highway from South Australia the first major town you will reach is Mildura. Mildura means 'red soil' and although may sound barren is situated alongside the Murray River, which follows the Victoria and New South Wales border.

From Mildura you can either follow the Murray River along the north border of Victoria, or head south to Melbourne via the Calder Highway. If you do not want to follow the Murray River along it is best to head south along the Calder Highway until you reach Hattah. From here you can join up with the Murray Valley Highway, travelling through the picturesque Hattah-Kulkyne National Park on the way. The Hattah Lakes are beautiful, as is the diverse landscape of the park, which offers driving and cycling tracks. If you are cycling carry plenty of supplies and notify the rangers of your route Ph: (03) 5029 3253.

Swan HillContinuing along the Murray Valley Highway, the next place you reach is Swan Hill. Farmland surrounds Swan Hill, with fruit being a major produce for the area. There are a couple of wineries in the area, as well as the interesting Tyntynder Homestead, which tells the areas history. The Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement also demonstrates the history and is great to visit. You should also join one of the river cruises along theMurray. There are plenty of places to stay in the area, as well as some great eating places.

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