Tasman Peninsula

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There are some beautiful bays around the peninsulas, as well as some unique and amazing rock formations. Eaglehawk Neck is a good place from which too see the beautiful coastal rock formations of the Blowhole, Devils Kitchen, Tasmans Arch, Tessellated Pavement and Waterfall Bay. It is situated at the entrance point to the Tasman Peninsula.

Just east of Eaglehawk Neck is Taranna and the popular Tasmanian Devil Park. East again are Koonya, Premaydena and Saltwater River which home the remains of the penal outstations and the Coal Mines Station. To the south of the Tasman Peninsula is Remarkable Cave and the pretty Tasman National Park.

There are plenty of spectacular walks around the National Park, which are well worth the effort. There is plenty of accommodation on the island at the various towns, with a wide selection to suit various budgets. The TWT bus service runs from Hobart Monday to Friday, stopping at the main towns on the Tasman Peninsula.

Tasman Peninsula Accommodation

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