Top End

The top end of Northern Territory is surprisingly enough the area at the top end of Northern Territory. It surrounds Darwin and stretches east to the Arnhem Land, south to Kakadu and north to the Tiwi Islands.

Heading south west from Darwin along the Arnhem Highway is Kakadu. There are some pretty places to stop along the way including the small town of Humpty Doo. North of the highway is the Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve, where you will get to see plenty of birds. If crocodiles are more your thing then continue along the Arnhem Highway to the Adelaide River Crossing where you are sure to see one. Crocodiles are a large part of Northern Territory, and you shouldn't go home without seeing one. The Darwin Crocodile Farm is just south of Darwin and although you can see plenty of crocodiles here, many are killed for their skins and meat.

A beautiful sunset in Northern Territory Just north of Kakadu is the Mary River Crossing which is a popular spot for Barramundi fishing. You can also find some great fishing spots in the Mary River Wetlands. There are numerous conservation reserves within the wetlands, which offer the perfect opportunity to see wildlife in the area. It is also possible to camp here.

KakaduFurther south along the Stuart Highway is the Territory Wildlife Park, which is home to a whole host of animals and wildlife. If you want to cool off, head to Berry Springs Nature Park where you can jump in the pools and see the beautiful waterfalls. Tumbling Waters is also a great place to visit, although keep away from the water as it is a favourite amongst salties. Just east of Darwin are some beautiful swimming spots at Howard Springs Nature Park. It can get extremely busy, but is crocodile free.

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