Boating is a popular activity in Australia with kilometres of glorious beaches, sparkling seas, rivers and lakes. There is so much fun to be had with boats whether you are exploring the exciting and unique Australian landscape, taking it for a spin on the open waters, catching dinner on a fishing trip or showing off your moves water skiing and wake boarding around the lake.

If you are looking at buying a boat you should see our handy hints page before making the purchase. Whatever your choice of vessel, from a tinny to a sail yacht, speed boat to a canoe, boating offers fun for the whole family, young and old. However, with the fun comes responsibility, ensure everyone onboard knows about boating safety. Little things you do while onboard a boat can save the lives of you and your family.

Boats offer an array of fun activities, accommodation and a means of getting around to holiday goers across Australia. There are literally hundreds of boating locations around Australia just waiting to be explored. Getting into boating is both easy and fun and offers a world of opportunities for travellers of all ages.

Getting into Boating

Having a boat opens the door to an array of great activities and travel opportunities. Spending time with your family on the boat is a fantastic way to spend your weekends, holidays or even a rare day off.

Getting into boating isn't hard and Australian Explorer has compiled a list of hints to make the transition even easier. Consider the following as you proceed into the boating world:

* Ask a friend/family member to take you out on their boat for the day. This should give you a feel of what it's like and an insight into whether you'll enjoy it, what you have to do and what boat you would choose for yourself.

* Attend the next Boat Show in your area, you'll find a wealth of information, tips and handy accessories.

* Be aware of the different safety requirements related to boating. See our Boating Safety page for some useful information.

* Consider hiring a boat for the day this will give you an idea of the practical side of boating and some valuable experience.

* Consult the Buying a Boat tips to help evaluate what sort of boat you need based on the activities you wish to partake in, your towing capacity, skill level etc.

* Often local boat businesses, clubs or official Government Maritime agencies will offer training courses for beginners upwards. These courses are mandatory in some states for obtaining a licence but can be useful for the whole family to attend.

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