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There are plenty of ways of travelling around Australia with a wide variety of means of transport. If you are the extremely active type, then you can join the few who actually decide to walk all of the way around. You can also choose to cycle around Australia, or just opt for the more popular bus, car, train or plane.

General travel information can be found on the following pages: Bus Travel Information | Car Travel Information | Cycling Travel Information | Flight Travel Information | Train Travel Information

Due to the vast size of Australia and the large driving distances, you must bear in mind that travel between places may take a lot longer than you expect. It may not look far on a map, but be assured that it is. Without plenty of flights, or an extremely intense coach tour, you can't explore the whole of Australia in 2 weeks. However, considering its size Australia offers a very good transport network covering most places.

Probably the best way to get out there and explore is to hire or buy your own vehicle. By doing this you can get to all of those places you may not be able to reach on public transport, and you can set your own timetable to your specific needs. However, this option can work out expensive unless travelling with a group.

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