Popular 4WD Destinations in Northern Territory

Victoria RiverNorthern Territory has unique terrain offers a prime destination for a 4WD holiday. From the vast desert, spectacular gorges, mountain ranges and exciting waterways - Northern Territory has a lot to offer 4WD enthusiasts. Experience genuine Aussie bush camping and Aboriginal culture on your journey and take in the sights of the stunning and diverse landscape.

* Explore the spectacular Gregory National Park in the Victoria River Downs with your family and the trusty 4WD. In this area you have the opportunity to experience genuine Aussie bush camping, the interesting Aboriginal culture and the many wonders of nature in the region.

You will have the chance to drive across rivers, walk bush trails amongst the Australian trees and view waterholes. Check out the Jasper Gorge and the Victoria River while in the area.

* The Garig Gunak Barlu National Park and the surrounding area has a lot to offer 4WD lovers. The area features a rich history, some beautiful beaches, boating and genuine Aussie bush camping.

4 Wheel Drive Northern TerritoryThere are also some 4WD routes leading to renown fishing spots. Within the park there are camping areas, walking trails and nice beaches - however, swimming is not recommended because of the crocodiles.

MacDonnell Ranges* A journey through the MacDonnell Ranges offers a fun and unique experience for 4WD enthusiasts of all ages. While in the area you can enjoy travelling through amazing gorges and captivating desert mountain landscape.

In the area is the Trephina Gorge which has some great camping areas for you to enjoy with the whole family. There are some great old mining towns in the area too.

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