South West

The Murray River runs along the New South Wales and Victoria border and is surrounded by lush farmland and beautiful hills.

The main routes between Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney pass through the South West, offering a blend of picturesque landscape and a number of places to stop along the way.

The Hume Highway is the major road between Melbourne and Sydney, also giving the option to stop at Canberra en route. The Sturt Highway runs further west to Adelaide, whilst the Newell Highway runs north to Brisbane. If you love flowers then you should stop at Mittagong, just off of the Hume Highway.

Merrino Tourist AttractionSouth west of Mittagong and just north of Canberra is the sheep farming town of Goulburn. Once you reach Holbrook you know you are half way to Melbourne or Sydney (depending on which way you are travelling). Further south on the New South Wales and Victoria border is Albury.

Like Narrandera, both Leeton and Griffith are also in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. Both towns were planned by the famous architect who designed the city of Canberra, Walter Burley Griffin.

Wagga Wagga ParkFurther inland and just north of the Victoria border is the country town of Wagga Wagga. West of Wagga Wagga is Narrandera popular for water sports and bushland walks. The Bundidgerry Walking Track surrounds Lake Talbot where you will be able to take part in various water activities. There is also a large fishing research centre just south of Narrandera, called the John Lake Centre.

West of Griffith is the small town of Hay offering some very attractive and interesting old buildings. Situated along the Murrumbidgee River, swimming is also popular. South from here on the Victoria border is Deniliquin, a lively country town. The area developed a large wool industry as well as rice, hosting the Sun Rice Mill which is the largest rice mill in the southern hemisphere. There is also plenty of wildlife in the area which you will see particularly in the Island Sanctuary. Along the Murray River there are several small towns which are worth driving through, as they all have their own unique features.

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