St Kilda

The lively and cosmopolitan area of St Kilda, is situated on the coast to the east of the city and is considered to be one of Melbourne's most fashionable suburbs. The main shops and eating areas are found on the busy Fitzroy and Acland Streets. If you'd prefer some European delights try Carlisle Street.

St. Kilda's lively atmosphere draws crowds of both tourists and residents alike. It is a wonderful place offering a diverse range of outlets, although it can be dangerous late at night. However, during the summer it is very popular, offering boat cruises and bike rides.

Visiting the Luna Park amusement park, built in 1912, is a must! It is a charming historic seaside amusement park complete with a wooden roller coaster and other rides. For evening entertainment try the Esplanade Hotel, which has comedy nights and various bands playing.

Apart from the very popular beach, which during the summer months attracts thousands of visitors, there are a number of other attractions in St Kilda to keep you occupied. Plus, there are several hostels, bed and breakfasts and a number of hotels where you can stay in comfort.

St Kilda Accommodation

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