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More than 300 islands surround the Tasmanian mainland, creating havens for wildlife and native flora. Until recently many of Tasmania’s 334 offshore islands were a mystery. Aside from the larger ones such as Flinders, King, Maria, and Bruny, little was known of their animal life, vegetation and natural features.

There are lots of islands surrounding the whole of Tasmania, all of varying sizes. To the south east of Tasmania, directly south of Hobart is Bruny Island, home to magnificent landscape and a wide variety of wildlife. To the north of Tasmania are two groups of islands.

The Hunter group of islands is to the west and is made up of King Island, Hunter Island, Robbins Island and Three Hummock Island.

Davids Park, TasmaniaThe Furneaux group of islands is to the east and is made up of 52 islands including Cape Barren Island, Clarke Island and Flinders Island. The larger of the two groups of islands are King Island to the west and Flinders Island to the east.

Around King Island there are many shipwrecks, caused by the rough seas of the Bass Strait. There are four lighthouses on the island, which watch out for stormy weather. These are situated at Currie, Naracoopa and Stokes Point and Wickham, with the one at Wickham being the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere. From here there are fantastic views of the surrounding area, and so it is a must visit.

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