Camping and Caravanning

Camping and Caravanning

Camping and Caravanning are popular choices for family holidays in Australia. With such a diverse landscape there is always somewhere new to explore, from mountains to deserts, beaches to rainforests - the opportunities are endless.

Camping and Caravanning are practical means of experiencing Australia, this way you can see a spot you like and (regulations permitting) put up your tent, park your caravan and then depart the next morning en route for another new adventure.

While camping and caravanning holidays are a great way to spend your vacation, you should always plan ahead to ensure it all goes smoothly. This section will help you plan for your trip away to make sure you enjoy a relaxing and hassle-free holiday.

CaravanThink about compiling a camping checklist so it is clear in your head what you're going to need when you get there. Without four solid walls and a roof over your head it's in your best interest to be prepared. There is also a distinct camping etiquette that should be considered before setting up camp on your next holiday.

A caravan checklist is also a great idea, there is equipment you need to remember for your car, your caravan and you as a traveller. There are some great accessories on the market for caravans which you should also consider before your next trip.

For first time campers/caravanners the first trip can be quite daunting. Australian Explorer has listed some useful camping tips and caravanning hints that should assist you on your maiden voyage. Buying a caravan can also be nerve-racking but it doesn't need to be entirely stressful, check out the buying tips in this section.

CaravanIf you are interested in meeting other people who love caravanning, swapping ideas, finding out about great locations you should see where your closest caravan club is. There are clubs located in hundreds of locations across the nation.

This information should give you an insight into the camping and caravanning realm and assist in making your next journey run as smoothly as possible. Remember to plan ahead, travel safely and have fun.

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