Camping Checklist

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a campground in the middle of nowhere without your toothbrush or your tent pegs but it happens to even the most experienced camper.

With so much to think about a checklist is the only way to ensure you bring all of your camping equipment. Consider the following items before you leave on your next camping holiday.

* 12V Compressor for vehicle tyres

* Buckets, dishwashing liquid etc for dishes


* Bedding including pillows, sheets, sleeping bags

* Basic toiletries including soap, shampoo/conditioner, sponge, razor and blades

* Camp ovens or stoves are ideal for cooking meals when camping

* Camping table

* Clothing suitable for all weather conditions

* Cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery

* Electric or battery run portable heaters (gas heaters are not recommended for camping)

* Extra mantles for gas lamp

* First aid kit

* Food and drink

* Gas bottles (a 9L and a 2L is ideal)

* Gas or candle lanterns

* Headlamp

* Pack of cards, sports equipment, boardgames

* Plastic bags to store rubbish

* Plastic container with tap for water

* Radio

* Rubber mats

* Snake bite kit

* Spare batteries, toilet paper, matches sunscreen and insect repellent (you may need the extra strength variety depending on the destination)

* Tarpaulins, waterproofing agents and perhaps a groundsheet

* Thermos

* Toilet / shower tent, solar shower

* Tools including. shovel, spanner, mallet

* Torch

* Tripod (for cooking stove)

* Plug (generic size)

If your trip is going to be many months long there a several additional considerations you should make. For males, you should consider electric hair clippers this allows you to give yourself a haircut during the months away. For females you should consider getting a simple haircut from the hairdresser, one that doesn't require regular maintenance or styling - this takes a lot of hassle out of the everyday camping experience. Also take a look at the camping tips section.

Before erecting your camping equipment you should consider the site's proximity to the other campers. There is a camping etiquette to be followed in camp grounds to ensure all the visitors get along and enjoy their holiday together.

** Please note this is just a guide and in no way an exhaustive list

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