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The east coast of Tasmania is completely different to the west. There are plenty of pretty beaches all along the coastline, as well as a calmer climate. The main industries in the area include beef, fishing, grain and wool. The east coast is also home to the capital of Tasmania, Hobart.

Heading north east from Hobart you can follow the Arthur Highway through Sorell and Copping to the Forestier Peninsula and the Tasman Peninsula where you will find the famous but rather tragic Port Arthur.

Further north along the coast is Orford which offers fishing, swimming and walking. There is also a pretty beach just south of town, called Spring Beach. Nearby you can also catch a ferry over to Maria Island.

The whole island is made up of the Maria Island National Park, and is home to many of Tasmania's native birds and wildlife. The diverse scenery is also spectacular, as is scuba diving around the island. You should also visit the historic buildings in Darlington, which was the second penal colony after Sarah Island. You can also stay on the island at Darlington.

On your journey north you will pass through several small towns, before reaching Swansea, which offers wonderful views of the Freycinet Peninsula. There is also a boat from here, over to the Freycinet Peninsula. Continuing north you will pass through Bicheno before reaching the pretty town of St Marys. The area surrounding St Marys is perfect for walking, and there are a number of beautiful waterfalls to visit. It is also a wonderful and peaceful place to stay.

Both TRC and TWT offer transport services in this area, with routes along the coast and inland from both Hobart and Launceston. For transport to the Freycinet Peninsula you must use the Bicheno Coach Service from Bicheno. For those of you who are more energetic the coastline is perfect to cycle along, and allows you to explore the region. If you visit Coles Bay then there is a great boat service from nearby Swanwick to Dolphin Sands near Swansea. This will cut of 65km from your journey, which no doubt will be good news.

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