Melbourne Spring Street

Spring Street is a major street in the CBD of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Spring Street is culturally important to Victoria and notable as it has been traditionally associated with the central spine of the administration of the Government of Victoria, as well as being central to many of the state's major cultural institutions.

Spring Street forms the western border of the Treasury Gardens and a small Chinese garden, known as the Tianjin Garden, is located at the northern end of Spring Street.

Parliament HouseTwo points of interest along Spring Street include the State Houses of Parliament, where you can join a free tour when parliament isn't sitting, and watch from the gallery when they are.Also the Old Treasury Building, built in 1858, offering tourists a free exhibition on the history and future of Melbourne.

Spring Street forms the western border of the Treasury Gardens. A small Chinese garden, known as the Tianjin Garden, is located at the northern end of Spring Street. It is a symbol of Melbourne's close friendship with its twin city, Tianjin, China

A number of tram routes run along Spring Street, including the City Circle. Parliament railway station, part of the underground City Loop, lies directly beneath and parallel to Spring Street

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