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Cowell has a reputation as one of the best fishing destinations in South Australia. Its harbour - Franklin Harbour - offers an array of sea fare including whiting, snapper, garfish, squid and crabs. Cowell boasts one of the largest jade deposits in the world and is also well known for its beautiful and secluded beaches. Oyster farming is now a thriving industry in the community.

The first recorded sighting of Franklin Harbour was by Captain Matthew Flinders in 1802. It was named after Sir John Franklin, explorer and Governor of Tasmania. Cowell was named in 1880 after Sir John Cowell, an English Army Engineer.

The town initially served as an important seaport for the area. Now it relies mainly on the surrounding rural area and aquaculture. Nephrite Jade was discovered in the nearby Minbrie Ranges in 1965, the oldest and one of the largest deposits in the world.

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