Ceduna is at the eastern end of the Nullarbor Plain, and so it marks the beginning of a long and quiet journey west or the beginning of a much livelier time heading east. However Ceduna aptly takes its name from the Aboriginal word meaning 'a place to sit down and rest', which is exactly what you should do at the beginning and end of your journey. The coastline around Ceduna offers good surfing, as well as good fishing. There is also plenty of wildlife, in particular birds, within the Laura Bay Conservation Park. There are several places to stay and eat out in Ceduna, including a caravan park, backpackers and hotel, as well as several things to do.

Heading west across to Western Australia the scenery is fantastic. There are also several good surfing beaches along the way, including Cactus Beach which offers some of the beast surfing breaks in Australia. You will also come across the Head of Bight, where you can see plenty of whales during the breeding season (which is between June - October). You will need a permit to visit the Head of Bight, which you can get from Yalata. You should also see the amazing Murrawijinie Cave and stop at some of the coastal lookouts along the Bunda Cliffs.

If driving west here are the places where you can stop, which offer facilities:

73km from Ceduna - Penong
151km from Ceduna - Nundroo
202km from Ceduna - Yalata
294km from Ceduna - Nullarbor Hotel
480km from Ceduna - Border Village

Ceduna Accommodation

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