Australian Banking

There are a lot of things you have to think about while on holiday and banking should not be one of them so here is some useful information to consider before you get away.

To set up a new bank account you must go into your local bank branch. You must have at least 100 points of identification. You must have at least one form of photo ID and one form of ID must have your current address on it. For example:

  • Australian Drivers License
  • Bank/Credit Card
  • Medicare Card
  • Passport

You can also retrieve money from an account through an ATM (automatic teller machine). Simply insert your bank card and follow the prompts on the screen. ATM's are generally situated in shopping centres, petrol stations and some main roads.

Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks across Australia. Australian currency comes in $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 dollar notes. Bank hours are generally 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday.

Remember to sign any travellers cheques once only at the time of purchase. You will be requested to sign again when spending your travellers cheques. Record your travellers cheque numbers and date of use to added security on the encashment record provided to you.

You can also use BPAY, Internet banking or Phone Banking for easy transfer of money from your accounts while on holiday. To set up these features either call your local branch or visit their website.


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