Golf is a popular past time amongst Australians of all ages, both male and female. The world- renown sport is well suited to the sunny, warm Australian climate and there are over a thousand golf courses across the nation. Even in 2003 there were over 1 million golfers in Australia (over the age of 15) and this figure continues to rise each year.

Rumoured to have originated in the Netherlands, golf has become popular across all generations in Australia with both young and old enjoying the sport. This stimulating game is the perfect way to combine gentle exercise and fresh air in attractive surroundings.

The social side of golfing is a major draw card. A golf course is a great place to meet new people, spend time with your friends/family and lock in that big business deal. You can show up at a golf course alone and play with anybody there - the networking opportunities are endless.

In Australia, golf is fast becoming the sport of the corporate world. Potential business partners will often meet for a round of golf to discuss their upcoming projects. In the United States it is thought that what happens in a board room is merely a confirmation of what was decided on the golf course.

Australia has a large network of golf clubs and coaches to assist in the development of this great game. Coaches will provide tuition from the most basic of rules to the correct swing.

If you are looking to get into golfing clubs are a great way to start. Becoming a member allows you to meet other keen golfers, enjoy regular access to a quality course, the chance to play in competitions and even an official Golf Australia Handicap.

There are a variety of golf courses available to the public, ranging from the most upmarket Country Club to a local 9 hole course. Prices will vary across the courses. Players will either walk the course or hire a golf buggy (a motorised vehicle) to get around. A golf buggy can be hired from most golf courses for a reasonable fee.

Driving Ranges are also popular in Australia, especially for those people who just enjoy a good hit every now and then. Driving Ranges are generally open to the public for use without a membership and can be a lot of fun.

Australia is becoming more recognised as a golfing destination as the years pass and is host to a number of amateur and professional golfing tournaments. There are also a large number of world class courses available for your enjoyment across the country. The most popular destinations for a golfing holiday in Australia is the Gold Coast, Murray River and the Sunshine Coast.

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