General Information

Schoolies is a 3 week festival for school leavers celebrating the completion of their Year 12 Certificate. The festival takes place mid-November through to mid-December and attracts thousands of students from all over Australia and even countries abroad.

The most popular Schoolies destination is Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. However, there are are great destinations in Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, Great Keppel Island, Magnetic Island and Tropical North Queensland. Generally each week attracts students from a different state. Week One is predominantly Queensland students, Week Two: New South Wales students and Week Three: Victorian students.

The Schoolies Week involves groups of students hiring out accommodation, at their preferred destination, and having a week of fun, surf, shopping and relaxation after the pressure of Year 12 is lifted. There are numerous planned activities and entertainment throughout the Schoolies Week. These include live bands, dance parties, sport demonstrations, fun competitions, giveaways and many more.

Often Schoolies Week is the first time students have been on holiday without their parents and family so there are methods in place to ensure their safety. These include an increased police presence in the area, licensed security guards at Schoolies properties, Schoolies ID for building entry, supervised non-alcohol events and 24 hour helplines open during the Schoolies month.

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