Australian Big Icons

Australian Big Icons

The Big Apple - Stanthorpe QLD

The Big Apple in Queensland is a tribute to all the apples grown around the Stanthorpe area! It can be found approximately 2.5 hours south-west of Brisbane, on the Cunningham Highway.

The Big Arch of Victory - Ballarat VIC

The Arch of Victory was opened in Ballarat in 1920, funded by female staff at Eleanor Lucas' Lingerie Factory. The Arch of Victory stands 17 metres high and can be found on Sturt Street.

The Big Axe - Kew NSW

The Big Axe is located about 2km north of Kendall, at Kew, NSW. The Big Axe resides above the Tourist Information Centre!

The Big Banana - Coffs Harbour NSW

Big Banana

The Big Banana is one of the most famous residents in Coffs Harbour. Standing 5m high by 11m long it would be hard to miss it! The Big Banana is suitably located out the front of a Gift Shop surrounded by a Banana Plantation. This 40+ year old sculpture was one of the very first of Australia's “Big Things.”

The Big Barramundi - Daintree QLD

The Big Barramundi in QLD is a testimonial to the most desired fish in the State. The Big Barramundi resides above the entrance to the Big Barramundi Barbeque Gardens in Daintree.

The Big Bogan - Nyngan NSW

Big Bogan

The Big Bogan was unveiled in Nyngan (Western NSW) in 2015 and is a popular tourist attaction. He is close to 7m high.

The Big Bottle - Mangrove Mountain NSW

This “Big Thing” is a bit mysterious compared to the others. Nestled away in the idyllic Mangrove Mountains, New South Wales is statue in the form of a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Big Buffalo - Adelaide River NT

The Big Buffalo, “Charlie,” (star of Crocodile Dundee I and II) can be found at the Adelaide River Inn in the picturesque town of Adelaide River in Northern Territory.

The Big Bull – Rockhampton QLD

Queensland's Capricorn Region, Rockhampton, is renown for its beef production! Down the Southern end of the city a Big Bull replica resides above a shopping centre.

The Big Captain Cook - Cairns QLD

The big Captain Cook, in Cairns, has stood tall above the plants on the Captain Cook Highway for almost forty years. Initially the statue was designed to be used as a mascot for a public bar however the measurements were mixed up and the statue turned out a lot bigger than expected! The fate of Captain Cook is in limbo at the moment because of redevelopment – it seems likely the James Cook University will propose to acquire the statue.

The Big Cassowary - Mission Beach QLD

Big Cassowary

The Big Cassowary at Mission Beach is a tribute to the endangered bird that can be found in the gorgeous World Heritage Rainforest in the area. The Big Cassowary can be found at Wongaling Beach as part of the Shopping Complex and stands 5m high!

The Big Cheese – Bega NSW

The Big Cheese can be seen as you enter Bodalla from the North. It doubles as a tourist service and you can purchase food and other items from the cheese and honey staff; ice-cream parlour; gift shop and the luncheon.

The Big Cherries - Young NSW

The Big Cherries can be found in Young NSW which is known as the Cherry Capital of Australia! From the 1st November through to New Years people flock to Young to pick and pack the tiny fruit! The Big Cherries were unveiled in 1987.

The Big Chook – Moonbi NSW

The Big Chook can be found in Moonbi, NSW. Moonbi is approximately 21km north-east of Tamworth. The Big Chook can be attributed to Moonbi being the largest poultry producing area in NSW outside of the capital city.

The Big Crab - Miriam Vale QLD

Big Crab

The people of Miriam Vale have honoured the famous Queensland Mud Crap by immortalizing one in the form of a sculpture to adorn the local petrol station. The Big Crab has proved to attract even greater attention to the delicious seafood.

The Big Croc - Humpty Doo NT

Standing proudly outside a service station in Humpty Doo, NT is the Big Croc. Geared up with boxing gloves and a fighting stance he is a humorous landmark for the town.

The Big Dog on a Tuckerbox - Gundagai NSW

The Big Dog on a Tuckerbox monument was built in 1932 and can be found on the Old Hume Highway, Gundagai. The Big Dog was in tribute to the famous lyrics of Jack Moses' song “Five Miles from Gundagai.”

The Big DNA- Perth WA

The huge staircase, adjacent to the Pioneer Womens' Hospital forms the appearance of a Double Helix of DNA and can be found in Kings Park which overlooks the CBD in Perth.

The Big Earthworm - Bass VIC

The Big Earthworm can be found at the Wildlife Wonderland 10 minutes before Phillip Island. The Earthworm represents the Endangered Giant Gippsland Earthworm that is renown in the Bass area.

The Big Easel - Emerald QLD

Big Easel, Emerald

The Big Easel is the second in a series of “Big Easels.” There are American and Canadian versions of this Big Thing! It took two and a half months to be completed in Emerald, QLD. It was finished in 1999 and can be found in the centre of the city, at Morton Park.

The Big Fruit Bowl - Bilpin NSW

The Big Fruit Bowl can be found in Bilpin, a town famous for its apples, 93km from Sydney. For most travellers Bilpin is the town where, having driven Richmond up to Kurrajong, they stop to purchase either apples or apple juice – by the Fruit Bowl!

The Big Galah - Kimba SA

The Big Galah can be found outside the front of the Halfway Across Australia Gem Shop on the Eyre Highway. In a town famous for its Australian Wildlife this tribute to the Australian Galah stands an impressive 8m high!

The Big Gold Panner - Bathurst NSW

The Big Gold Panner can be found in front of the Gold Panner Motel on the Great Western Highway in Bathurst, NSW. The statue is resides appropriately in the town that recorded the first discovery of gold way back in 1823! The statue presents a gold-panner looking somewhat hopefully at his pan!

The Big Golden Guitar - Tamworth NSW

Australia's country music capital, Tamworth, is home to the Big Golden Guitar. Standing 12m high and weighing half a tonne, the statue was unveiled by Australia's reigning King of Country Slim Dusty in 1988.

The Big Guitar - Narrandera NSW

Narrandera Big Guitar

The Big Guitar can be found at the visitors centre in the rural town of Narrandera. It stands nearly 6m long and is the World's Largest playable guitar.

The Big Gumboot - Tully QLD

Big Gumboot

The Big Golden Gumboot can be found in Tully, QLD. Originally a rubber boot was awarded to the Wettest Town in Australia, a title hotly competed by Tully, Innisfail and Babinda! The Big Gumboot, now firmly secured in Tully, stands 7.9m high (which represents the record annual rainfall of the town (7,900mm) in 1950! The Gumboot contains a spiral staircase and viewing platform and opened on the 10th May 2003.

The Big King Neptune - Two Rocks WA

King Neptune was designed by artist Mark Le Buse and stands roughly 10 metres tall. It was constructed using concrete and limestone over a steel frame. Two Rocks is roughly sixty kilometres north of Perth CBD and 10 kilometres north of Yanchep.

The Big Koala - Dadswells Bridge VIC

The Big Koala can be found 27km north-west of Stawell upon entering the small township of Dadswells Bridge. The Koala stands 14m high, weighs 12 tonnes and is made of bronze set on a steel frame. The sculptor Ben Van Zetton was hired to design and construct the piece in 1988.

The Big Kookaburra - Kurri Kurri NSW

The 4.5 metre Big Kookaburra can be found in Rotary Park, Kurri Kurri. The kookaburra is used as a logo for several Kurri Kurri sporting and community organisations, which is where the idea originated from. It was built by Pokolbin artist Chris Fussell, from aluminium and steel scrap found at scrap yards around the region.

Big Lobster

The Big Lobster - Kingston SA

Kingston, a well-known port, is famous for its lobsters and also the Big Lobster that resides there! Standing an impressive 18.2m high it houses a restaurant AND gift shop underneath! It is a must see sight if in the area!

The Big Lollipop - Ravensthorpe WA

Big LollipopThe Largest Free Standing Lollipop in the World is situated in Ravensthorpe, WA. It was unveiled on the 8th September 2019 at Yummylicious Candy Shack, 89 Morgans Street Ravensthorpe, Western Australia.

Owners Belinda & Darrin Mcharg self-funded this project to help attract more tourists to this wonderful part of Western Australia.

The Big Macadamia - Woombye, (Near Nambour) QLD

The Big Macadamia can be found on the Sunshine Plantation, a tourist theme park. It is located just off the Bruce Highway, along Nambour Connection Road at Woombye. Here you can eat nuts, ride the Macadamia Nutmobile and is right next to the Big Pineapple.

The Big Mandarin - Mundubbera QLD

The Big Mandarin can be found in the small township of Mundubbera, the self-titled the Citrus Capital of Queensland! The Big Mandarin is also the town's tourist information centre and stands an impressive 9m high!

The Big Merino - Goulburn NSW

Merrino Goulburn

The Big Merino in Goulburn is a testament to the huge wool-growing industry in the Goulburn area. It stands 15m high and 21m long and can be found beside Hume Street, on the Canberra side of town. There are different wool products for sale as well as information on the production of wool etc.

The Big Milkshake - Warrnambool VIC

The Big Milkshake in Warrnambool resides in a town famous for delicious milkshakes and its dairy industry. Standing 8m tall the Big Milkshake can be found at Cheeseworld in Allansford, Victoria and is said to be a highly photographed attraction.

The Big Miner - Rubyvale QLD

The Big Miner in Rubyvale can be found at the Bobby Dazzler mine which is also home to three other “Big Things” the Big Spanner, Big Sapphire and the Big Pick and Shovel.

The Big Miner – Kapunda SA

The Big Miner is the first visitors see upon entering Kapunda. The statue depicts a “Cornish Miner.” This statue is in tribute to the Kapunda Mine established in 1844 which was the first successful metal mine in Australia. The statue was unveiled in 1988 and is called Map Kernow, which in Cornish translates to 'Son of Cornwall'.

The Big Murray Cod - Swan Hill VIC

Big Murray Cod

At Swan Hill in Victoria the Murray river provides great fishing and water sports – hence the Big Murray Cod. The giant fish stands 11m long and 6m wide adjacent to the railway station on Curlewis Street. The Murray Cod was once a movie prop but is now set to live out its days at Swan Hill as a popular tourist destination.

The Big Ned Kelly – Glenrowan VIC

The town of Glenrowan was the place where Ned Kelly, the infamous Australian bush ranger, had his last shootout. The town approximately 220km north of Melbourne is home to a striking 7m high statue of Ned Kelly with his rifle at the ready.

The Big Orange - Berri SA

The Big Orange can be found on the Old Sturt Highway, just outside Berri. The area is home to the Berri Fruit Juice manufacturers hence the Big Orange. Set amongst the citrus orchards, the Big Orange is a popular photo opportunity for tourists.

The Big Orange - Gayndah QLD

Big Orange in Gayndah

Gayndah is home to another Big Orange. Gayndah is known as the Orange Capital of Queensland and known for it's Big Orange. At Gayndah's Big Orange you can find tourist information, a gift shop and you can purchase free juices and local produce.

The Big Orange - Harvey WA

The Big Orange in Harvey, Western Australia has been restored by Harvey Fresh and now sits proudly upon a 10 metre tower. An extra 4 metres must be climbed to reach the viewing platform. Inside the Big Orange, local history and photos can be viewed. The Big Orange is located at: Third Street, Harvey, WA.

The Big Oyster - Taree NSW

Just outside the town of Taree, at Fotheringham Park, sits a Big Oyster on top of a building. The company that created this unusual sculpture were also the creators of the Big Prawn at Ballina!

The Big Peach - Anna Bay NSW

Bakker's Big Peach is a local and family owned business that has operated for over 50 years, selling only fresh produce that is grown from the property. The giant peach is mounted on a pole along Port Stephens Drive in Anna Bay.

The Big Peanut – Atherton Parklands QLD

Thought of as one of the cornier “Big Things” in Australia, the Big Peanut in Atherton fronts a Peanut Fruit Shop just north of Tolga QLD. It is not so much big, as peanuts are small and is wearing a hat and a big smile!

The Big Pelican - Noosa QLD

The coastal town of Noosa is famous for its gorgeous beaches – and its Big Pelican! This huge structure has movable parts that can be operated from the inside. Most tours and bus trips include a stop at the Pelican, which is a great photo opportunity.

The Big Penguin - Penguin TAS

The coastal town of Penguin in Tasmania is a popular tourist attraction and is home to hundreds and hundreds of fairy penguins. The Big Penguin sits in the beach front park and is rumoured to be the largest penguin in the World!

The Big Pineapple - Gympie QLD

Big Pineapple

Gympie, an old gold mining town, is home to the Big Pineapple. Perched on the roof of a vacant petrol station, this Big Pineapple is well known in the surrounding area.

The Big Pineapple - Woombye, (Near Nambour) QLD

Another Big Pineapple can be found at the Sunshine Plantation, a tourist theme park - alongside the Big Macadamia Nut in Woombye (near Nambour). This Big Pineapple is made of fiberglass and stands 12m tall at the entrance to the plantation. Information can be found about the tropical fruit industry within the Big Pineapple as well as an awesome view from its summit!

The Big Potato - Robertson NSW

Robertson is a small township near the end of the Southern Highlands and is reknown for its rich soils and its rolling landscape. The good soil, rainfall and winter climate has made Robertson a prominent potato growing area in NSW – hence the giant concrete representation of a potato!

The Big Prawn - Ballina NSW

Big Prawn

The Big Prawn in Ballina stands 6m x 9m and encompasses a gift shop and eateries. It is a tribute to the big seafood market in the area.

The Big Ram - Wagin WA

One of Australia's Big Ram's can be found at Wagin in WA. This Big Ram stands 7m high and 15m long!

The Big Rock - Barrington Tops NSW

The Big Rock in Barrington Tops is a unique “Big Thing” in the sense that was not man-made. The unusually large rock can be found at the Barrington Tops National Park.

The Big Rock - Pacific Highway, Tea Gardens NSW

Big Rock

Originally built by the Leyland Bros, the Big Rock is now owned by Outdoor Education - a charity organisation which runs Bushcamps for Australian Youth. The Rock houses 'The Pieman' which is an awarding winning, 24 hour, gourmet pie shop and service station.

The Big Rocking Horse – Gumeracha SA

The World's biggest Rocking Horse is located on the main road in Gumeracha, South Australia. Appropriately located by an expansive Toy Factory the Rocking Horse stands 18.3m high and contains three observation decks!

The Big Root - Nowa Nowa VIC

Big Root

At Mingling Waters Caravan Park in Nowa Nowa, East Gippsland we have the "Big Root" - a natural wood sculpture. It is the root system of a Messmate - Eucaluptus obliuqa. The tree grew in one metre of sandy loam on top of a limestone shelf. When the root failed to penetrate the limestone, the roots grew laterally. It is part of the J.E (Jack) Ramsdell collection - a unique display of exotic Australian timbers and polished gemstones on display at Mingling Waters. Jack ran the Nowa Nowa sawmill from the early 1950's along with his gallery.

Mingling Waters is a caravan park, with cafe, function centre and eco tours.

The tree root is known as 'Ra' - the sun god and is housed in a specially built timber pyramid housed at Mingling Waters.

Age: 200-330 years old
Height: 66m
Height of root system: 4m
Width of root system: 7m
Weight of sculpture: 6 tonnes
Preparation time: 12 months

The Big Scotsman - Medindie SA

The Big Scotsman stands 5 metres tall and was completed in 1963, making it the first "Big Thing" in Australia. Scotty as he is affectionately known can be found on the corner of Nottage Terrace and Main North Road, standing tall on Scottys Motel in Medindie.

The Big Shell – Tewantin QLD

The Big Shell is home to a collection of shells, corals and even coloured sand. It is just a short drive from the Sunshine Coast and its displays will keep your occupied for hours. There is also a Gift Shop so you can take home a physical reminder of your day spent at the Big Shell.

The Big Stubbie – Tewantin QLD

Tewantin wasn't content with a Big Shell so they have also put another “Big Thing” on Australia's Map! The Big Stubbie was created from thousands of beer bottles and stubbies being concreted in to the shape of one Big Stubbie!

The Big Tassie Devil – Mole Creek TAS

The Big Tasmanian Devil can be seen guarding the entrance to the Trowunna Wildlife Park at Mole Creek, Tasmania. These formidable looking creatures, among other Australian wildlife, are on show at the Wildlife Park.

The Big Trout - Adaminaby NSW

The town of Adaminaby in the Snowy Mountains, is a highly popular destination for trout fishing. Accordingly a Big Trout statue has been positioned in tribute to the fruitful pastime.

The Big Wine Cask – Buronga NSW

This Big Wine Cask can be found at the BRL Stanley Winery in Buronga. The Cask is 8m high, 11m long and 7m wide and could hold up to 400 000 litres of wine if desired! It was originally a water-purifying plant for the winery but with a tap and new paint job it has been transformed into a renown “Big Thing”!

The Big Wool Bales – Hamilton VIC

Big Wool Bales

The Big Wool bales can be found 3km west of the city centre at Coleraine Road on the Henty Highway in Hamilton amongst native red gums.

The five structures replicate five wool bales, representing the value of the wool industry in the area. The five wool bales form a building which has an array of wool-related displays.

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