Rockhampton is also known as the 'Beef Capital of Australia', and marks the start of Tropical North Queensland. The town is divided by the Fitzroy River, with North Rockhampton being the newer of the two parts.

The Rockhampton district is the traditional home of the Darumbal Aboriginal people.

The European history of the area began in 1853, when the area that would become Rockhampton was visited by the Archer brothers Charles and William, who were seeking grazing lands

RockhamptonRockhampton experiences a humid subtropical climate. Typical daytime temperature ranges from 22 degrees to 32 degrees in the summer /wet season and 9 degrees to 23 degrees in the winter/dry season. Rockhampton lies within the cyclone risk zone and the area is subject to summer thunderstorms.

Rockhampton Court HouseThere are some spectacular old buildings around the town, with many situated along Quay Street which runs alongside the river. Also worth visiting is the wonderful Dreamtime Cultural Centre, which is an Aboriginal Cultural Centre, as well as the fantastic Rockhampton Art Gallery.

Coolwaters BeachThere are a number of beautiful parks and gardens around the town, including the fabulous Botanic Gardens and Victoria Park in the southern part of Rockhampton, and the Kershaw Gardens in the northern part of Rockhampton.

Olsens Capricorn Caverns Cathedral CaveJust a little further north, you should also make time to visit the spectacular Berserker range. There are some fantastic limestone caves within the ranges which you can explore.

There is a self guided tour around the Cammoo Caves and there is a great guided tour around the pretty Olsen's Capricorn Caverns.

Rosslyn BayThere are plenty of places to stay around Rockhampton, with a number of campsites, hostels, hotels and motels. Many are situated around Denham Street, as well as along Quay Street. You will also find a number of restaurants and places to eat out in this area.

Rockhampton Tourist DriveThere are a number of different trains which pass Rockhampton on their way to Brisbane and Cairns. Greyhound also stop here, with Rothery's and Young's offering services to many nearby towns.

The Rockhampton region has many well known festivals including The annual Multicultural Festival and CQU Open Day held at the CQUniversity, showcases hundreds of market stalls and displays, international foods, music and cultures are popular with the locals and tourists alike. The Annual 'Big River Jazz' is a three day program showcasing a variety of jazz bands in September.

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