Daintree was a logging village, situated along the Daintree River. The Timber Museum is worth a visit, and gives plenty of information about the history of the area. It also has a pretty Gallery and gift shop.

The Daintree River was only discovered by Europeans in 1873 when Scottish geologist and explorer George Elphinstone Dalrymple named the river and the first settlement, Daintree Village, after Queensland’s Agent-General in London, Richard Daintree.

Today tourism is a major industry but many descendants of the original settlers still live there, some operating thriving beef-cattle properties in the river valleys beyond Daintree Village while others farm sugar and tropical fruits.

Daintree VillageWildlife of every kind flourishes in the Daintree. These ancient rainforests are abundant with hundreds of plants and a wide range of marsupials, reptiles, birds, and butterflies.

Unusual birds including the Double-eyed Fig Parrot and Beach Stone-curlew reside in the area.

DaintreeThere are some great walks through the Daintree Rainforest that should not be missed. This gorgeous landscape is one of a kind. You will be able to spot native trees, native wildlife and enjoy the natural, lush surroundings.

DaintreeThere are a number of attractions within the area with the popular cruises along the Daintree River, which you should definitely go on. There are some magnificent birds in the area, and if you are lucky (or maybe not so lucky) you may see some crocodiles. Estuarine crocodiles are a popular attraction for many; you can watch crocodiles eating, sunning themselves on the banks, or active in the water. This is best achieved from the safety of an organised boat tour provided by the many Daintree River tours and cruises available.

Generally crocodiles are more visible between April-September, when the weather is cooler, and they can lie on the river banks.

There are several places to stay around Daintree Village, with a couple of campsites and several bushland cabins. You can get to the Daintree from both Cairns and Port Douglas, with various trips up to the Daintree.

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