Lizard Island

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Lizard Island is 100km from Cooktown in Far North Queensland, and was named Lizard Island because Joseph Banks (the man that named the island) found a number of lizards on the island.

The island offers spectacular beaches and some fabulous snorkelling in the beautiful sea surrounding the island. There are also a number of walking trails around the island. You should definitely walk to the islands highest point, Cook's Look, from where there are unbelievable views.

You will also find accommodation on Lizard Island. The Lizard Island Resort, is popular amongst celebrities and so is fairly pricey. It is away from everything however, and so a perfect hideaway. There are also camping facilities on the island, offering a fireplace, pit toilet, and water. You will need to bring all supplies, including coal as all the wood on the island is protected. For a permit call the EPA in Cairns Ph:(07) 4052 3096.

Lizard Island Accommodation

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