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Fitzroy Island is a continental island which features fabulous rainforests and nearby coral reefs. It is situated just off of the coast of Cairns, in Far North Queensland, making it a pleasant day trip and an incredibly relaxing longer stay.

Fitzroy Island is a large and unique continental island featuring distinctive granite outcrops, open woodlands, tropical rainforest and mangroves. The Island is a listed National Park and has long been enjoyed by the Cairns locals along with visitors from all over the world.

Fitzroy island

Idyllic white sandy beaches lead into the safe, sheltered waters, which are also ideal for swimming and water sports as well as yachting and boating.

Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is definitely worth visiting, as it offers completely different scenery to Cairns, and the mainland coastline. You can spend your day relaxing or if you are feeling a little more energetic can wander around the beautiful island.

Fitzroy Island

The beaches around Fitzroy Island are covered in dead coral, although there is one sandy beach on the island which is a 20 minute walk from the resort. The beach is called Nudey Beach, although despite it's name it is suitable for families.

Snorkelling, Fitzroy Island

You can swim out to see the reefs from the various beaches around Fitzroy Island. You should check for the best and safest spots at the Fitzroy Island Resort. If you are not a keen swimmer, there are still opportunities to see some coral, only a short distance from the shore.

If you would prefer a guided trip, then you can also join a small boat trip which departs from the islands resort. They will be able to take you to the best spots, as well as offer information about the various types of coral.

Fitzroy Island Rainforest Walk

Another must when you visit Fitzroy Island is to follow one of the fabulous walking trails around the island. The walks offer spectacular views across the island and the crystal clear sea. You also get the wander through the attractive rainforest, which covers the island.

Walking Tree

As you walk around the island, you will pass many different types of plants and trees. A common sight is the rather unusual Walking Tree, which actually grows more legs as it needs them. Amongst the trees keep your eyes open for the local birds and reptiles, which can be seen all around the island.

The Fitzroy Island Resort has a selection of accommodation at varied price ranges, and offers a pool, bar, restaurant and a couple of shops. The facilities are available for resort guests, day trippers and campers on the island. You can travel to the island by boat which either drop you off on the island for the whole day or for about an hour before continuing on to their pontoon in the reef.

Fitzroy Island Accommodation

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