Gifts and Hampers

Christmas Bubbles and Chocolates Hamper -

This is the perfect Christmas hamper for anybody who loves sparkling wine and something a little sweet. If you are looking for a gift for somebody who has everything, they will love our Christmas Bubbles and Chocolates Hamper. Sparkling wine and chocolates - the perfect combination to celebrate Christmas!

Adult $59

Christmas Bubbles Hamper -

The perfect gift of tipple and nibbles to share the Christmas spirit with any deserving recipient. Ideal for corporate gifts, business hampers or a relative.

Adult $44.95

Sensational Sushi Making at Home -

Sensational savoury sushi... A kit containing all the essentials for creating perfect restaurant quality sushi at home including sushi rice, wasabi paste, nori seaweed sheets and a bottle of sake to get you in the mood.

Adult $99

Coffee and Cookies Kit -

A gift filled with indulgence - guaranteed to please. The Coffee and Cookies Kit includes an aromatic gourmet plunger style coffee, a Bodum Coffee maker, two double-walled coffee mugs (to keep your favourite brew steaming hot) and freshly baked decadent cafe-style baked Anzac biscuits.

Adult $99

Brut and Chocolates Hamper -

Brut and chocolates - the perfect combination to celebrate well, anything, really. Well, there may be some others nearly as good, but this could lead to them. This is a gift to give appropriately. Sharing the Champagne flutes is a particularly intimate gesture.

Adult $109

Savoury Selection Gourmet Hamper -

Our Corporate Hampers are perfect if you want to impress, reward or treat important clients or employees - and be remembered for it. The Savoury Selection Gourmet Hamper is a corporate Hamper to make Taste Buds Tingle.

Adult $99

Gourmet Weekender Hamper -

Just add the weekend newspapers... Begin on Friday evening with a nibble on smoked salmon”¦. then bite, munch, chew and sip your way through a wonderful gourmet weekend. That, however requires some self-control. Some have been known to become so excited that they have polished off the copious contents of this gourmet hamper in a much shorter time.

Adult $199

Riedel O Series Glasses and Wine Hamper -

This red is in a glass of its own... From a company known for their exquisite glassware and a winery and region known for complex and interesting reds, comes this combination. It's true, the right glass will seriously enhance your experience of a wine, allowing aromas to show their full potential and the whole taste spectrum to be properly explored. Besides which, its fun and makes the occas

Adult $139

Blue Tongue Beer Hamper -

No, you won't end up with a blue tongue. It's the name of a gourmet beer, but you knew that. This hamper combines a great lager taste with some interesting cheeses crackers and complements. Satisfying enough for an experienced palate without being too challenging for a relative novice. It's a perfect for an indulgent brunch (give Buck's Fizz the boot), a lazy after-lunch, mid afternoon snack,

Adult $79.95

Champagne Interlude Hamper -

A little something special to sip on? If you are fortunate enough to receive this hamper, be flattered – and warned. If you are considering it as a gift, be prepared for an unusually high level of gratitude. Our Champagne Interlude Hamper is perfect birthday's, valentine's day, anniversaries and for any other occasion.

Adult $139

Premium Coffee Barista Experience -

Effortless espresso... If you've never tried vacuum brewed coffee, prepare yourself for a whole new experience. If you must give this as a gift, we suggest you ensure the recipient is someone you know – and who would welcome you with a freshly brewed coffee! Have a Premium Coffee Barista Experience delivered to your door and you'll soon be making coffee like a barista with your Bodum PEBO

Adult $219

Coffee Barista Experience at Home -

Like to get more out of the daily grind? This Experience will help you develop an appreciation of the subtleties of different coffees and their range of tastes. But be warned – after this you'll never want to settle for instant coffee again! Read on to have a Coffee Barista Experience delivered direct to your home and become a coffee connoisseur!

Adult $129

Perfect Pizza Oven Kit -

Pizza – one name, a thousand variations. Forget those production line mediocrities that come through the front door in cardboard boxes. Like to become an instant pizza chef? The Gourmet Pizza Oven Kit is a great way to start. In no time you will be making crisp, delicious gourmet pizza at home.

Adult $249

Marma Point Head Massage -

A deeply relaxing and meditative experience where a skilled therapist uses ancient Marma pressure point techniques on the meridians of your head to release muscle tension and stress.

Adult $54

Sweet Celebration Hamper -

Treat that special someone or yourself with this Sweet Celebration Hamper. It is three kilos of lovable, delicious sweets including chocolate and lollies. There are plenty of scrumptious sweets to share around or keep hidden away to enjoy all yourself!

Adult $99

Personalised Colour Caricature - By Post -

Here is a great opportunity to give a Deluxe Colour Caricature to that someone special in your life. The artist will draw a Colour Caricature of your requested photo and then post the image to you. These high quality Caricatures are a unique gift to friends and family. Book yours online today and make someone feel special with there very own caricature.

Adult $95

Black and White Caricature - By Post -

Here is great opportunity to send a unique Black and White Caricature to someone special. The artist will draw a Black and White Caricature with grey wash of your requested photo and then post the image to you. These high quality Caricatures are a unique gift to friends and family. Book yours online today and make someone feel special with there very own caricature.

Adult $80

Custom Cartoon Caricature - By Email -

Here is great opportunity to send a unique Custom Cartoon Caricature to someone special via Email. The artist will draw a custom cartoon caricature of yourself or a friend (head only) and attach a personal message to the image. Once you have received the email you can then print it out at your own leisure. This is a great gift idea for friends and family. Book online today and you will be thril

Adult $125

Adopt-A-Vine at a Local Winery -

Adopt-a-Vine for a 3-year period and choose your level of involvement. You can prune your vine in winter (with a lesson from the vineyard manager, of course) and pick the grapes from your vine at vintage. The vine is tagged with a personalised hang-tag bearing the name of the owner and date of adoption. Adoptive owners will receive an Adoption Certificate stating the variety of vine and date of ad

Adult $75

Wine Appreciation and Education Hamper -

Step one – Find corkscrew ... Swirl, sniff, sip, think”¦ know! Instant expertise is yours with this cunningly selected Wine Appreciation and Education Hamper. Comprising wines, informative booklets, tasting notes and more, it's guaranteed to inform and delight. Please be warned: instant wine snobs are seldom happily received at the table.

Adult $169

Craft Beer Experience at Home -

Perfect for the self-confessed beer lover. Craft beer is a taste revelation... so different from mass-produced beers. Here is something for the beer-lover who has everything. Have the Craft Beer Experience delivered direct to your door. Your Craft Beer Experience includes sixteen diverse beers from microbreweries in Australia and around the world.

Adult $139

Home Delivered Moroccan Tajine Cooking Kit -

Moroccan Magic ... The romance of northern Africa. Crowded markets, street-vendor's cries, and a hustling bustling world. Perhaps, in the cool of the evening on a rooftop terrace, a Tajine quietly cooks, waiting to release its mouth watering aromas of Moroccan spices and meats”¦ the perfect experience for a summer evening wherever you are. Tajine is the name of a wonderful conical Morocca

Adult $189

Astrology Chart For Children -

When your child is born, it is the planets which create his or her unique personality, but it is you and your family who shape your child's destiny. Provide the guidance and encouragement your child needs using the fascinating insights of an Astrology Chart for Children.

Adult $99

Astrology Report for Couples -

At the moment you met your partner, the planets spun into place to attract you to each other. And whether you're a new or long-term couple, the spark is always there. Discover something new together about your romantic compatibility in an Astrology Report for Couples, a fun and fascinating way to explore your relationship. You don't need to know anything about astrology to see how true it is!

Adult $89

Food Lovers Fresh Produce Hamper -

Fit for a king... Sometimes Santa's elves lose count of what they pack into one gift hamper. Fortunately for the recipient, this is such a time. You could only describe this as a super hamper, which as well as making a great gift for a highly regarded relative, friend, staff member or customer, is also great value.

Adult $299

Deluxe Beer and Snacks Hamper -

Take an abundance of outstanding beers, add tasty treats and the result is pure fun with the Deluxe Beer and Snacks Hamper. A selected range of Australian and International boutique beers will have your taste buds tingling and with the included Beer Fact Sheet, you can get the lowdown on your favourite drop. An abundance of outstanding beers, tasty treats and fun to be had, with this Deluxe Be

Adult $199

Gourmet Fresh Hamper -

Something different in a hamper – fresh produce! Carefully packed, chilled and delivered in perfect condition. A gourmet selection of treats to send to food-loving relatives or corporate clients. Packaging in special iceboxes with frozen gel ice packs ensures safe and fresh delivery.

Adult $249

Christmas Cheer Hamper -

What makes our most popular Christmas hamper so much in demand? Well, you could read the contents and decide for yourself. On the other hand, you could take our word that it's a great range of thoughtful festive goodies and a really generous selection of Christmas flavours including coffee, nibbles, sparkling French wine and of course the Christmas Pudding. It's really a great way to have a wonde

Adult $189

Boutique Beer and Snacks Hamper -

Whether it's the twelve beers of Christmas or any other excuse to give this wonderful gift - they won't believe their luck when they discover what you've sent them beer! A hamper for anyone who has great taste in beer. Your friends won't believe their luck when they discover you've sent them beer! A great hamper for anyone who has great taste in beer. A beer hamper wouldn't be complete witho

Adult $124

Red or White Wine and Treats Christmas Hamper -

The best possible way to say a big thank you, job well done, you are wonderful, congratulations... A wonderful selection of wine and treats - the perfect gift for any food lover.

Adult $120

Executive Red or White Wine Christmas Hamper -

There really has to be some reward for being an executive. Well, there is, and it's here. If you are a hard done by executive, you may care to give this to yourself. If you happen to know some executives, or are looking for a gift for one or more, this is an ideal way to remind them of their worth and build their self confidence – not to mention appetite.

Adult $109

Festive Favourites Christmas Hamper -

A superior selection containing welcome additions - the perfect offering for any occasion for the man in your life. Our Festive Favourites Christmas Hamper is the perfect hamper for Dads, Grand-dads, Uncles, Sons or anybody who savours treats and beer. Delivery is included in the price and is available to any location in Australia.

Adult $89

Sweet and Savoury Christmas Hamper -

There's something very appealing about sweet and savoury – it's a combination that delivers a full taste experience. And this is what this delectable hamper does. It's a wonderful corporate gift with a personal touch that caters for every taste. Delivery is included in the price and your hamper will be beautifully presented in a gable top gift box tied with ribbon. Delivery is available to an

Adult $89

Festive Treats Hamper -

There are some festive treats that sum up Christmas perfectly. They are here. Together this delectable range of goodies is what you may hope someone (e.g. an employer, client, supplier, friend, relative etc) would give to you. What makes things even better is that delivery is included in the price so there are no additional charges. Delivery is available to any location in Australia so you can

Adult $79

Tasmanian Fudge Hamper -

Everyone deserves to be spoilt occasionally! Here are eight ways to make someone's taste buds smile! Our Tasmanian Fudge Hamper is pure heaven and the perfect treat. Your Tasmanian Fudge Hamper will be beautifully presented in a gift box and tied with ribbon. This hamper can be delivered to any location in Australia at no additional charge.We offer any type of customisation you may want. The

Adult $70

Nuts about Sweets Hamper -

Who isn't Nuts about Sweets? All year round is the perfect time to indulge someone's sweet tooth. This hamper is beautifully presented in a gable top gift box and tied with ribbon making it the most delightful gift. Our Nuts about Sweets Hamper can be delivered to any location in Australia and postage is included in the price making it the ideal gift.

Adult $60

Happy Holly Hamper -

Remember the magic of childhood Christmas? We certainly do and this will evoke sugary memories of indulgences with a hint of adult sophistication. Our Happy Holly Hamper is ideal for all ages and is filled with a variety of everybody's favourite treats. All of your goddies are beautifully presented hamper in a gable top gift box and tied with ribbon. You can even have the hamper delivered to a

Adult $69

It's in the Bag Christmas Hamper -

Are you looking for a little gift for a colleague or somebody who has been kind to you throughout the year? If so our It's In the Bag Hamper will make the perfect gift. It features a bottle of red, white or rosé wine, packaged in a red or green felt Santa wine bag. Whats better is that delivery is included in the price so there are no extra charges. Delivery is available anywhere in Australia.

Adult $45

Homemade Ice Cream Kit -

Your children will love you .. Bring out your inner child – or delight a real one with this experience. It's so easy – not to mention fun – to make a whole range of ice creams, sorbets, gelato and more – even no-fat varieties for the diet conscious! The perfect gift for someone you feel warmly about, or maybe a cool dude in your life.

Adult $259

Make Soft Serve Ice Cream At Home -

Be a softy... Remember the tastes of summer? One of them has to be that coooool creamy associated with the tinkling tunes of an ice cream van. Now you can recreate the soft serve experience at home – for a fraction of the cost and without annoying tunes! Welcome to your ice cream experience. The experience includes a maker, cones, condiments, a recipe book, and even little chutes to add yo

Adult $299

Fuzzyard Puppy Love Bathtime -

Make bathtime a special occasion for you and your puppy. Pamper your puppy with a mild special formulated puppy shampoo and conditioner made from natural ingredients. Dry your puppy off with a soft microfibre puppy towel. Your puppy love shampoo and conditioner contains organic extracts, Aloe Vera and calming Lavender that will help your puppy maintain a soft, healthy and natural coat.

Adult $42.95

Puppy Love Gift Pack -

If you have a new puppy and would like to spoil him and welcome him into his new home then you will love our Puppy Love Gift Pack. Included is your puppy's first pair of socks and some puppy pals toys including a shoe, a bone and two balls. They are soft, squeaky toys that are great for your puppy's teeth.

Adult $42.50

Puppy Training Kit -

If you have a new puppy or even a full grown dog that needs a little guidance in the training department our Puppy Training Kit will be a great help. With the right tools you will be able to train your puppy into a well behaved pet. Our Puppy Training Kit includes a Kramar Training Clicker, a Deluxe Treat Bag and some Supa Naturals Chicken and Rice Balls so that you can reward your pet.

Adult $39.50

First Puppy Starter Kit -

Getting a puppy and not sure where to start? Our First Puppy Starter Kit includes some of the basics that you will need. Our First Puppy Starter Kit includes puppys first bowl, collar and a rubber sponge ball with cute paw prints. Our First Puppy Starter Kit is an ideal gift for a friend and is available for boy and girl dogs.

Adult $29.50

Puppy Starter Gift Pack -

If you are getting a new puppy and need a hand getting the essential items together you will love our Puppy Starter Gift Pack. Each Puppy Starter pack includes a KraMar Puppy Security Blanket, a Rubber Puppy Treat Loader and a treat. There is a gift pack available for boys and girls.

Adult $42.50
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