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Victoria Cooking Classes Experiences

Spanish Cooking Class -

Come and enjoy a Spanish cooking class with Melbourne cooking personality and teacher Pip Kerslake. Learn a range of skills, cook delicious seasonal foods, enjoy your gourmet creations, then take home a range of recipes that will delight your family and friends!

Adult $143

Moroccan Cuisine Cooking Class -

If you are a food lover looking for inspiration from the hottest new culinary trend, come and learn all about Moroccan food with well known Melbourne food expert Pip Kerslake. Right now its the hottest new taste in foodie circles around the globe.

Adult $143

French Cooking Classes -

France has its own distinctive cooking style based on the local produce – pungent cheeses, aromatic herbs, delicate butters and creams, fresh fish and seafood plus an array of game, poultry and meat of the highest quality. Learn a range of skills, cook delicious seasonal foods, enjoy your gourmet creations, then take home a range of recipes that will delight and impress your family and friends!

Adult $143

Seafood Cooking Class -

If living well and enjoying life to the full is important to you, then knowing how to cook fresh seafood is an absolute must, because fresh fish is not only a favourite ingredient of the best chefs in the top restaurants of the world, scientific studies have found that eating fresh fish can extend your life!

Adult $143

Beginners Cooking Class -

Most people who don't know how to cook, or only have very basic cooking skills, are only in that situation because no one has shown them how, and if you're someone like that, then there is some good news for you. Did you know that learning how to cook is a lot easier than you'd think? Even if you feel like a klutz in the kitchen, you can learn how to make a variety of tasty, healthy meals in just

Adult $143

Barbeque Cooking Class -

Whether it's the result of a primal urge to cook food over an open fire or just an insatiable love of being outside, outdoor cooking is a very popular and healthy way to create great meals and have loads of fun. Join Pip Kerslake around the unique tabachi as she shows you how to prepare a range of meat, seafood and vegetable dishes on your outdoor grill, hotplate and wok.

Adult $143

Authentic Italian Cooking Class -

Dreamed of being able to cook authentic Italian cuisine, just-like-a-mama? Come and enjoy an Italian cooking class with Melbourne cooking personality and teacher Pip Kerslake. Learn a range of skills, cook delicious seasonal foods, enjoy your gourmet creations, then take home a range of recipes that will have your family singing Mama Mia, ”˜how can I resist you'!

Adult $143

Essential Thai Cooking Class -

Ever wanted to learn how to cook authentic Thai? Hot, sour, salty and sweet – this Thai cooking lesson will teach you to create the delicate balance of flavours that makes Thai cooking unique. With helpful and experienced instructors you will be able to try out your newfound skills in the kitchen at home and impress your friends and family!

Adult $143

Home Delivered Moroccan Tajine Cooking Kit -

Moroccan Magic ... The romance of northern Africa. Crowded markets, street-vendor's cries, and a hustling bustling world. Perhaps, in the cool of the evening on a rooftop terrace, a Tajine quietly cooks, waiting to release its mouth watering aromas of Moroccan spices and meats”¦ the perfect experience for a summer evening wherever you are. Tajine is the name of a wonderful conical Morocca

Adult $189

Gourmet Food Tour and Cooking Class -

Cooking isn't just about the kitchen; it's also about the shopping. This Shop and Cook Tour will take you to a foodies' paradise, before putting your new knowledge to the test in the classroom. After your exciting and informative session, cook for you family and friends to really show off you new skills.

Departs: Melbourne CBD
Returns: Melbourne CBD

Adult $275

Knife Skills Class -

Ever wanted to develop you knife skills? Well now you can as during our popular Knife Skills Class we will teach how to fillet, the art of carving, how to sharpen your knives plus much much more. By the end of this class you will feel like a master chef with your newfound skills. Your friends will be impressed when they witness your new knife skills!

Adult $240

Chocolate Workshop -

This chocolate-making workshop is all about chocolate-making in a dream setting. You'll make gorgeous hand-made chocolates in a fully equipped commercial Melbourne kitchen. Under the guidance of a professional chocolatier, you'll be preparing ganache fillings, chocolate cups, and more!

Adult $130 Child $130

Italian Cooking Class -

Located at the entrance of the picturesque Yarra Valley, 45 minutes east of Melbourne, your amazing instructor will provide traditional 'hands-on' Italian cooking classe, using fresh local ingredients. During this class we will allow you to experience personally the enjoyment of creating a gourmet, yet simple Italian feast, that you can replicate in your own home.

Adult $155 Child $155

Home Delivered Spanish Paella Cooking Kit -

La Vida Buena! A fun, easy and delicious way to share the flavours of Spain with friends and family. Perfect to treat yourself, or as a thoughtful gift for a food lover in your life, this Kit contains only carefully sourced, excellent quality and exceedingly tasty ingredients that are guaranteed to add that certain panache to your hot, steamy and delicious dish. This is one of our biggest

Adult $149

BBQ Christmas Cooking Class in Melbourne -

Feeling in the mood for some Christmas spirit? Then this class is for you! Learn exciting recipes from BBQ Balmain Bugs, Glazed Leg of Ham, BBQ Turkey Breast with Cranberry compote and Baked Fig and Brandy Pudding with Butterscotch sauce.

Adult $125

Beer and BBQ Cooking Class in Melbourne -

If you enjoy Great Beer & BBQ then this is the class for you! Learn to cook some delicious dishes and match the flavours with the James Squire range of beers in a fun and interactive class.

Adult $140

BBQ Seafood Cooking Class in Melbourne -

Are prawns on the BBQ more your style? Let us show you how to cook seafood to perfection on the BBQ. Our experts will show you the techniques to cook mouth-watering seafood and you'll also learn some great new recipes to test on the family next time you fire up the BBQ. Guaranteed to impress!

Adult $120

BBQ Meat Cooking Class in Melbourne -

Do you fancy the odd snag on the BBQ? If your sausages tend to look more 'char-grilled' than grilled, then this is the cooking class for you! Learn all the techniques that make cooking meat on the BBQ easy. We guarantee that you'll amaze your friends the next time you get the BBQ sizzling!

Adult $120

BBQ Cooking 3 Part Course in Melbourne -

Do you own a BBQ? Do your barbeque recipes and cooking skills leave everyone calling for take-away? Then this cooking class is for you. Get some professional tips from the experts as we show you how to cook meat, seafood, vegetables and even desserts on the BBQ to perfection!

Adult $299

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