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If you selected YES

Thank you for selecting Australian Explorer as your homepage. Australian Explorer will now appear as your start page when you open your Internet Browser (This can easily be changed if you wish).

From the homepage you can access information on thousands of destinations across Australia. Australian Explorer offers an expansive photo gallery and every image can be sent as an electronic postcard to friends and family around the World!

View a selection of Australian Electronic Postcards

You will have the opportunity to book all aspects of your holiday in Australia, including unique experiences, fun tours, accommodation and car rentals and so much more all conveniently online. Plus take the opportunity to participate in fun things such as our range of exciting competitions.

Enter a Free competition with great prizes

If you selected NO

No changes have been made to your homepage or internet browser. If you wish to select Australian Explorer as your homepage in the future, to gain access to the amazing breadth of travel information quickly, simply click on the 'set as home' link on the top of any Australian Explorer page and select YES!

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