Biggera Waters

Biggera Waters is located on the attractive Gold Coast Broadwater. The Broadwater stretches north from Southport past Labrador, Biggera Waters, Anglers Paradise, Runaway Bay, Hollywell and Paradise Point.

Biggera Creek flows through Biggera Waters reaching the Broadwater at Lands End. Just off the shores of Biggera Waters is Wave Break Island, which marks the entrance / exit of the Gold Coast Seaway.

Biggera Waters is surrounded by several fantastic shopping centres, including Australia Fair in Southport, Harbour Town in Labrador and Runaway Bay Shopping Centre. There are also a number of dining areas located within the Shopping Centre and along the Broadwater.

Biggera Waters offers a range of accommodation, located along the waterfront or just a short walking distance from the Broadwater. There are also a number of attractions that you can enjoy, including a range of water sports on the Broadwater waters.

A wonderful waterfront promenade is located along the Broadwater starting at Biggera Waters in the North continuing to Southport in the South. Attractive parkland and a number of parks can also be found along the promenade ideal for walking, cycling and relaxing.

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