Long term travel around oz

My partner and i are travelling around oz starting early next year, leaving from Brisbane and going north. We plan to go for 6 months to start and see how we go. We have an 1978 Landcruiser (it's in great condition) which we plan to use.

We plan to install a dual battery system for a car fridge, ect, as well as build shelves in the rear of the car. The car does chew a bit of fuel, however, and we are considering converting it to LPG (dual system). How available is LPG in the outback and is it worth the change?

I'm interested in anyone who has done any long distance travelling in a 4wd who can help me out...

Also, we have started saving up for the trip, but i was interested on how much cash people have spent while travelling (we plan to do some work along the way!)


EMAIL : [email protected]

Posted By Karen on Wednesday 20th August 2008 @ 14:55:06

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Hi there
What kind of advice do you need? My hubby, dad and I (and dog) took 10 months doing the same thing. Great idea putting the shelves in the back. It makes a big difference and stops you going completely insane always trying to find where you put things.

Not sure about gas but if you are applicable for the rebate, it might be worth your while but keep in mind that it isn't as efficent as petrol or deisel but at 1/3 the price you will probably end up in front. Have a look on the net, there are LPG calculators and price indicators. Ours cost about $500 after the rebate.

As far as budget, we took pen to paper and conservatively estimated kms travelled, food costs (it is pricey in most places), fun costs and accommodation. Try and allow 1 night a week in a cabin or cottage - it keeps you sane, you can watch a bit of TV and have a nice shower or bath (and if you don't use the money, save it for a few nights in a row later or blow it on a balloon ride) I think we budgeted about $750 week for ($100 food / $250 petrol / $200 fun and park fees / $150 accomm / $50 for stuff ups) everything but this varied from week to week. Sometimes it was cheaper (if we camped at free sites - there are heaps) and sometimes we blew it out.

Don't be too stingy and remember if you run out of money or look like you might, stop somewhere nice and try and pick up a bit of work.


EMAIL : [email protected]

Posted By Fee on Tuesday 21st October 2008 @ 11:38:51

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